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Wil Myers or Jurickson Profar

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A little background information: 12 team keeper league, 260 dollar salary, up to 10 keepers. I've got the following guys that I am considering keeping and I don't want to carry two prospects over as they're inherently risky:

- Dollar Values in parenthesis:

Miguel Montero (9), Joey Votto (18), Evan Longoria (35), Jose Altuve (5), Starlin Castro (6), Mike Trout (5), Giancarlo Stanton (6), Billy Butler (7), Wil Myers (5), Jurickson Profar (5), RA Dickey (5), Madison Bumgarner (6), Gio Gonzalez (12), Adam Wainwright (5).


I'm for sure keeping Votto, Castro, Trout, Stanton, Butler, Dickey, Bumgarner, Gonzalez and Wainwright.

I'm going to take either Profar or Myers with my last keeper but I'm not sure which. Myers definitely has a spot as a starter on my roster in the 4th OF spot (Stanton is already locked in at RF), but I like Profar more as he'll be in Texas with that amazing lineup and is a middle infielder. The thing is that Castro is already my SS, so if Profar doesn't end up moving over to 2B, I'm stuck with a guy with no place to play him. Myers is the safer pick but anyone here have any advice?

asked Sep 25, 2012 in Keepers by dakoose (20 points)

1 Answer

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First off:

Wow. You have a beastly lineup.

Before I try and answer your question, can you swing a trade in the offseason? When is the deadline to announce who you are keeping?
answered Sep 27, 2012 by David Wiers (273 points)
Thanks.....It's taken some wheeling and dealing to get that lineup but it is stacked, lol. Too bad my team took a dump in the second round of the playoffs. I have time, so it's no rush, and I can swing a deal, but I really like where I'm at in terms of keepers. I guess the best answer is to just wait and see how things play out with Profar/Myers leading up to the draft.