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Jose Quintana
Birthdate: 1/24/1989 (28 y, 2 m, 1 d)     Bats/Throws: R/L     Height/Weight: 6-0/215     Position: P
Contract: $21M / 5 Years (2014 - 2018) + 2 Option Years
RotoWire News: Quintana was named the Opening Day starter for the White Sox on Friday, Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago reports. (3/24/2017)
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Profile: For the last few years, Jose Quintana has in many ways been an almost unnerving model of consistency. Each of the last four seasons, he's pitched between 200 and 208 IP with an ERA between 3.20 and 3.51; each of the last three seasons, he's had a K-BB% between 15.2% and 15.6%. Not all is guaranteed to stay the same in 2017, though; Quintana's FB% spiked to a career-high 38.7% last year, for example, a slightly worrying sign for someone whose success relies more on limiting home runs than on blistering strikeout rates. More importantly, Quintana is more likely than perhaps any other MLB starter to be traded this season, possibly even by the time you read this. If Quintana does move to a contender, he would gain some wins and potentially benefit from a stronger defense, but park factors and the vagaries of playing for a new team could contribute some potential downside, as well. Don't overthink this, though: Quintana is easily a top SP3 and has a floor that's higher than many of the likely SP2s. Draft him with confidence, but remember that there are no guarantees in fantasy baseball. (Brice Russ)

The Quick Opinion: Quintana's outlook for 2017 is slightly more uncertain than it has been in previous seasons, but he's still one of the most dependable starters in fantasy baseball. He's an SP3 at worst, but in deeper leagues he should play just fine as your SP2.

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Total- - -- - -223.3-0.70.1   3.1-1.4  -4.5  
2012-09-30CHWTBR1-0.6     -0.9-1.6  0.0  
2012-09-25CHWCLE00.3     0.00.2     
2012-09-22CHW@LAA1-2.10.0    0.31.1  -0.4  
2012-09-17CHWDET1-0.10.0    -0.5-0.8  0.0  
2012-09-10CHWDET13.9-0.1    -0.7-1.0  -0.5  
2012-09-04CHWMIN1-1.0     -0.1-0.3  -0.5  
2012-08-30CHW@BAL1-1.7-0.1    0.3-1.3  -1.1  
2012-08-25CHWSEA1-0.20.1    -0.10.0     
2012-08-19CHW@KCR10.6     -0.40.4  -0.3  
2012-08-14CHW@TOR1-0.1     0.2-0.2  -0.1  
2012-08-08CHWKCR1-1.80.0    1.40.9  0.1  
2012-07-30CHW@MIN1-1.0-0.1    0.10.7  -0.1  
2012-07-24CHWMIN1-1.3     -0.60.1  -0.1  
2012-07-19CHW@BOS12.70.0    1.30.0  -0.8  
2012-07-13CHW@KCR1-0.6-0.5    -1.1-1.0  0.3  
2012-07-05CHWTEX11.8     1.91.8  -0.3  
2012-06-29CHW@NYY1-2.50.2    -0.60.5  -0.8  
2012-06-24CHWMIL10.7     2.2-1.2  0.3  
2012-06-17CHW@LAD12.6     0.8-0.4     
2012-06-12CHW@STL1-2.2     0.80.7  0.0  
2012-06-06CHWTOR10.6     -1.40.2  -0.1  
2012-05-30CHW@TBR11.10.0    0.20.0  0.0  
2012-05-25CHWCLE11.3     -0.10.0  -0.1  
2012-05-07CHW@CLE02.3-0.10.1   0.4-0.1  -0.1