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Adam Ottavino
Birthdate: 11/22/1985 (31 y, 4 m, 1 d)     Bats/Throws: B/R     Height/Weight: 6-5/215     Position: P
Drafted: 2006 June Amateur Draft - Round: 1, Pick: 30, Overall: 30, Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Contract: $10.4M / 3 Years (2016 - 2018)
RotoWire News: Ottavino may open the year as the setup man, with Greg Holland potentially opening the year as the closer, the Denver Post's Nick Groke reports. (3/16/2017)
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Profile: Life is unfair. Consider the case of Adam Ottavino. Always closer-worth in terms of velocity and strikeouts and walks, the reliever with the misfortune of being traded to Colorado never quite grasped the role and ran with it. He got a few saves here or there while the team ran out inferior options in the ninth inning. Then in 2015, when he had the role in hand and was striking the world out with his career-best velocity, poof went the ligament. Last year, he came back and pitched well, and even closed for a while... and then his team went and signed Proven Closer Greg Holland in the offseason. There are still ways for Ottavino to get those precious saves. Holland isn't back to pitching in games yet, so early season saves might still be there for the taking. And if the Rockies fare more like their projections say they will and less like their hopeful front office seems to believe they will, Holland may become available in a trade mid-season, which would lead to some saves for Ottavino late. Either way, the multi-slidered, heady righty in Coors should find his way to double-digit saves and make himself valuable in between with his strong rates and ratios. (Eno Sarris)

The Quick Opinion: Buy Ottavino for the strikeouts and the proximity to saves in Colorado. Then hope the karmic wheel serves up some good luck for once. 

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Total- - -- - -0-4.5-6.3    4.9   -6.5  
2012-10-03COL@ARI0-4.1     5.9      
2012-10-01COL@ARI0-5.0     5.9   -4.3  
2012-09-27COLCHC0-4.1     3.9      
2012-09-23COLARI0-3.8     4.3   -6.1  
2012-09-19COL@SFG0-6.4     4.9   -9.1  
2012-09-16COL@SDP0-3.5     5.9      
2012-09-12COLSFG0-3.5     5.6   -5.1  
2012-09-09COL@PHI0-7.5-9.7    3.3   -6.8  
2012-09-05COL@ATL0-4.4     5.3   -6.4  
2012-09-02COLSDP0-4.7     4.6   -4.8  
2012-08-29COLLAD0-4.7     4.6   -4.3  
2012-08-26COL@CHC0-6.9     3.8   -8.3  
2012-08-23COL@NYM0-5.1-5.0    6.3   -5.8  
2012-08-19COLMIA0-3.6     5.1      
2012-08-16COLMIA0-4.1     5.9   -4.9  
2012-08-13COLMIL0-4.2     5.6      
2012-08-10COL@SFG0-2.4-2.9    2.7      
2012-08-06COL@LAD0-6.0     4.7      
2012-08-03COLSFG0-3.5     4.7      
2012-07-31COLSTL0-4.2     4.3      
2012-07-27COLCIN0-4.2     4.7      
2012-07-25COL@ARI0-5.1     5.3      
2012-07-22COL@SDP0-4.3     6.8      
2012-07-21COL@SDP0-5.5-5.1    6.8      
2012-07-17COLPIT0-2.8     4.2      
2012-07-14COLPHI0-3.9     4.2      
2012-07-07COL@WSN0-3.7     5.9      
2012-07-04COL@STL0-7.4     3.0      
2012-07-02COL@STL0-5.8-6.3    3.4      
2012-06-30COLSDP0-1.3     1.6      
2012-06-28COLWSN0-4.4     4.6      
2012-06-27COLWSN0-3.7     6.0      
2012-06-24COL@TEX0-3.6     8.1      
2012-06-23COL@TEX0-6.4     4.4      
2012-06-19COL@PHI0-6.1     2.9      
2012-06-16COL@DET0-6.8     4.1      
2012-06-15COL@DET0-6.9     4.0      
2012-06-13COLOAK0-4.7     5.3      
2012-06-12COLOAK0-4.1     4.0      
2012-06-09COLLAA0-3.4     4.4      
2012-06-06COL@ARI0-4.7     6.5      
2012-06-04COL@ARI0-4.0     7.7      
2012-06-01COLLAD0-4.1     4.9      
2012-05-30COLHOU0-5.0     5.0      
2012-05-28COLHOU0-4.5     4.6      
2012-05-28COLHOU0-3.4     6.9      
2012-05-27COL@CIN0-4.7     3.5      
2012-05-25COL@CIN0-3.5     6.5      
2012-05-23COL@MIA0-4.6     6.1      
2012-05-21COL@MIA0-4.3     4.7      
2012-05-20COLSEA0-4.0     5.5      
2012-05-08COL@SDP0-4.0     6.7      
2012-05-06COLATL0-3.6     5.7