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Yu Darvish
Birthdate: 8/16/1986 (30 y, 7 m, 13 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-5/225     Position: P
Contract: $50M / 5 Years (2012 - 2016) + 1 Option Years
RotoWire News: Darvish will be the Opening Day starter against Cleveland. (3/25/2017)
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Profile: Baseball suffered too long without Darvish. The Japanese phenom went under the knife for Tommy John surgery back in 2014. He missed the latter third of that season, all of 2015, and the first half of 2016. Once fully recovered, Darvish picked up where he left off in 17 starts (100.1 innings). His 11.84 strikeouts per nine innings and 2.78 walks per nine put him among the league's FIP leaders. His 3.41 ERA was only slightly worse than the peripherals. Most notably, his 93.3 mph average velocity was a stateside career best. Darvish's pitch counts were carefully managed last season, but he should have a little more leeway this year. If there's a critique of his style, it's that he works harder than he needs to in pursuit of strikeouts. As we saw with Chris Sale last season, sometimes it's simpler to trade a few Ks for early-count soft contact. That could allow him to last beyond seven innings - something he never accomplished in 2016. (Brad Johnson)

The Quick Opinion: Darvish is all the way back, and he's a treat to watch. His seven-pitch repertoire was on full display in 2016. If you're lucky, you might see a rare eephus or changeup.

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Total- - -- - -  -1.4-8.8  6.5  
2012-09-30TEXLAA110.37.16.0   1.1-7.1     
2012-09-08TEX@TBR110.  0.9-8.7  6.5  
2012-07-21TEX@LAA19.  0.8-9.0     
2012-06-07TEX@OAK110.  0.8-7.2     
2012-08-01TEXLAA19.  0.6-8.0     
2012-08-06TEX@BOS110.  0.3-7.3     
2012-09-14TEXSEA19.  0.2-9.4     
2012-04-09TEXSEA18.66.25.0   0.2-6.3     
2012-06-02TEX@LAA110.  0.1-8.7     
2012-07-27TEXCHW19.  -0.3-8.4     
2012-04-14TEX@MIN15.5 6.2-0.2  -0.3-8.0     
2012-08-28TEXTBR17.  -0.5-7.8     
2012-07-01TEXOAK18.  -0.5-9.6     
2012-08-17TEX@TOR111.18.56.8   -0.5-10.2     
2012-04-19TEX@DET110.2 6.52.9  -0.5-8.6     
2012-05-11TEXLAA110.  -0.9-9.3     
2012-09-20TEX@LAA18.  -0.9-9.6     
2012-08-12TEXDET18.  -0.9-9.4     
2012-09-03TEX@KCR17.33.76.1   -1.1-7.4     
2012-06-26TEXDET19.  -1.8-8.9     
2012-06-15TEXHOU19.  -2.8-8.8     
2012-04-30TEX@TOR18.  -3.5-8.0     
2012-05-27TEXTOR18.  -3.5-10.1     
2012-05-16TEXOAK18.  -3.5-8.1     
2012-04-24TEXNYY18.  -3.9-9.5     
2012-06-20TEX@SDP19.  -4.1-10.8     
2012-07-14TEX@SEA15.  -5.1-11.4     
2012-05-21TEX@SEA17.  -6.2-10.7     
2012-05-06TEX@CLE18.  -6.8-9.4