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Brandon Crawford
Birthdate: 1/21/1987 (30 y, 2 m, 8 d)     Bats/Throws: L/R     Height/Weight: 6-2/200     Position: SS
Drafted: 2008 June Amateur Draft - Round: 4, Pick: 5, Overall: 117, Team: San Francisco Giants
Contract: $75M / 6 Years (2016 - 2021)
RotoWire News: Crawford went 1-for-5 with a pair of RBI in Team United States' win over Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic Championship on Wednesday. (3/23/2017)
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Profile: Crawford surprised us with a power surge in 2015, but he couldn't sustain the spike and essentially gave back all his gains. His average fly ball and line drive exit velocity dropped and he pulled his fly balls less often, both of which led to his HR/FB rate dropping by more than half. The rest of his profile has remained relatively stable, though his pop-up issue that seemed to be squashed in 2014 and 2015 returned. It didn't affect his BABIP though, as he posted a career high mark, but if those pop-ups are still there in 2017, expect some BABIP regression and a batting average back in the .250 range. Since his 2015 power spike now looks like the outlier, figure there is no rebound in power and that his 2016 is his current level. Still, with a couple of steals, respectable runs scored and runs batted in totals, and a low double digit home run total, he makes for an acceptable middle infield option. (Mike Podhorzer)

The Quick Opinion: So much for that 2015 power spike, as Crawford gave back nearly all of his gains when his exit velocity and fly ball pull rate both declined. Even without the 20+ home run power, he contributes a bit all around (though expect the batting average to drop) to remain a reasonable middle infield choice.

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Total- - -- - -6425327967451246393623154012463.265
2011-05-18SFG (A+)@COL1554120135000000000.800
2011-05-13SFG (A+)HOU14544000111000000001.000
2011-10-15SCP (R)@JAV1553300001001000000.600
2011-10-10SCP (R)SOL1443201020000000001.750
2011-08-09SFG (AAA)@KCR1443200111000000000.750
2011-08-05SFG (AAA)@CHC1443210010000000010.750
2011-05-25SFG (A+)@CIN1553020113001000000.600
2011-11-11SCP (R)@DES1442200001000000000.500
2011-11-04SCP (R)@DES1552100111001000000.400
2011-10-31SCP (R)SAG1442200012000000000.500
2011-10-22SCP (R)@DES1552100121001000000.400
2011-08-18SFG (AAA)TEX1452110002100000000.500
2011-08-08SFG (AAA)@KCR1442200000000000000.500
2011-08-02SFG (AAA)ARI1442200010001000010.500
2011-05-23SFG (A+)@OAK1552110022000000000.400
2011-05-11SFG (A+)HOU1442101021000000000.500
2011-11-10SCP (R)SAG1341100000101000000.333
2011-11-07SCP (R)@RAF1551100001001000000.200
2011-11-03SCP (R)@SAG1551010010001000100.200
2011-11-02SCP (R)SAG1551100001002000000.200
2011-10-28SCP (R)@RAF1661100011002000000.167
2011-10-26SCP (R)@SOL1441100020001000000.250
2011-10-20SCP (R)@SOL1441100000001000000.250
2011-10-14SCP (R)JAV1451010001101000000.250
2011-10-11SCP (R)@SOL1441001010001000000.250
2011-10-06SCP (R)@RAF1451100000102000000.250
2011-08-31SFG (AAA)@ARI1441001011000000000.250
2011-08-29SFG (AAA)@ARI1231100001100000001.500
2011-08-27SFG (AAA)OAK1441100000000000010.250
2011-08-25SFG (AAA)OAK1451100021102000000.250
2011-08-24SFG (AAA)OAK1351100021100010000.333
2011-08-19SFG (AAA)TEX1441100010001000000.250
2011-08-15SFG (AAA)LAD1341100000101000000.333
2011-08-13SFG (AAA)LAD1341010010101000010.333
2011-08-12SFG (AAA)LAD1451010010110000100.250
2011-08-10SFG (AAA)@KCR1441100000002000001.250
2011-08-07SFG (AAA)@KCR1451010011002001010.250
2011-08-03SFG (AAA)@CHC1441100000002000000.250
2011-05-22SFG (A+)@OAK1441000112000000000.250
2011-05-20SFG (A+)@COL1351100011201000000.333
2011-05-16SFG (A+)OAK1691100010202001000.167
2011-05-14SFG (A+)OAK1451100010102000000.250
2011-11-17SCP (R)@SOL1330000000003000000.000
2011-11-16SCP (R)JAV1330000001000000000.000
2011-11-14SCP (R)RAF1240000010200000010.000
2011-11-12SCP (R)@SAG1440000000002000000.000
2011-10-05SCP (R)@SAG1440000001000000000.000
2011-09-01SFG (AAA)@ARI1440000000001000000.000
2011-08-30SFG (AAA)@ARI1440000000001000000.000
2011-08-28SFG (AAA)OAK1450000000101000000.000
2011-08-26SFG (AAA)OAK1440000000002000000.000
2011-08-23SFG (AAA)@TOR1000000000000000000.000
2011-08-22SFG (AAA)@TOR1550000011000000000.000
2011-08-21SFG (AAA)@TOR1440000000000000100.000
2011-08-20SFG (AAA)@TOR1550000000001000000.000
2011-08-17SFG (AAA)TEX1340000000100000000.000
2011-08-14SFG (AAA)LAD1330000000002000000.000
2011-08-06SFG (AAA)@CHC1440000000000000000.000
2011-08-04SFG (AAA)@CHC1440000000000000000.000
2011-05-21SFG (A+)@OAK1440000000002000100.000
2011-05-19SFG (A+)@COL1550000000004000000.000
2011-05-17SFG (A+)@COL1450000000101000000.000
2011-05-15SFG (A+)OAK1240000000200000000.000
2011-05-12SFG (A+)HOU1440000010000000000.000