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Avisail Garcia
Birthdate: 6/12/1991 (25 y, 9 m, 10 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-3/230     Position: OF
Contract: $3M / 1 Years (2017)
RotoWire News: Garcia went 3-for-4 with a home run and two runs scored in Wednesday's game against Milwaukee. (3/8/2017)
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Profile: So, uh, Avisail Garcia is still only 25 years old. He seems to have the mileage of a journeyman and enough bitter prospectors to ensure he lands on at least one "all-time bust" list. If you want to know what an inability (or refusal) to adapt looks like, look no further than Avi, whose swinging strike and chase rates rank second-worst and fifth-worst, respectively, since his debut (min. 1,000 PA). Whether his power tool was ever truly plus or merely above-average, we'll never really know; let's just say David Ortiz didn't become a perennial 30-homer slugger by hitting fly balls only a quarter of the time. Truthfully, one might think Garcia's plate discipline would look terrible, given his contact skills classify as such. Yet his strikeout and walk rates somehow hover around the league average. Alas, the onus for meaningful production falls on the power that never developed and, barring an improbably large adjustment, likely never will. A Tigers fan might be quick to remind you that J.D. Martinez didn't break out until his age-26 season. Hope springs eternal. (Alex Chamberlain)

The Quick Opinion: The only things that separate Avisail Garcia from your typical below-replacement-level hitter are (1) he's somehow still only 25 and (2) his former-prospect glow still lingers, however faintly. He's a late-round AL-only play and, yes, ugh, there's a microscopic chance he magically breaks out. Just don't hold your breath.

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Total- - -- - -- - -- - -  9.0  
2012-10-03DET@KCR1PR-CF-5.7-6.0    6.5      
2012-10-02DET@KCR4PR-LF       8.0     
2012-10-01DET@KCR8RF-1.6    10.06.6-2.5     
2012-09-28DET@MIN8RF3.5      1.5     
2012-09-25DETKCR8RF7.5    7.82.9-2.9  6.5  
2012-09-23DETMIN6PH-RF 11.9   10.0-4.2      
2012-09-23DETMIN8RF-CF0.2-9.3    3.15.7  8.6  
2012-09-20DETOAK7RF4.0      -1.0  8.9  
2012-09-19DETOAK7RF-3.5    9.31.4-6.3     
2012-09-18DETOAK2RF -7.54.4    10.7     
2012-09-17DET@CHW8LF0.9     3.2-0.1     
2012-09-14DET@CLE6RF-3.8     4.7      
2012-09-12DET@CHW6RF-3.0     4.5      
2012-09-10DET@CHW7RF3.5      -2.3     
2012-09-08DET@LAA7RF5.610.22.3    -5.3     
2012-09-05DETCLE6RF-4.8     4.4      
2012-09-02DETCHW7RF7.010.8    -6.210.5     
2012-09-01DETCHW8RF2.03.2    1.1   10.1