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Bruce Rondon
Birthdate: 12/9/1990 (26 y, 3 m, 17 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-2/190     Position: P
Contract: $0.8M / 1 Years (2017)
RotoWire News: The Tigers will be watching Rondon's velocity when he pitches for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic, reports. (3/6/2017)
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Profile: The hard-throwing Rondon took a few large steps forward in 2016. The Tigers righty continued to show off his big fastball, but a large improvement in command seemed to pay big dividends, forcing hitters to swing at more of his offerings, boosting his swinging strike and, correspondingly, his strikeout rates in the process. SIERA loved the changes, dropping his mark by nearly a full run from 2015 to 2016. It's a big "if" but if Rondon can keep the walks in check like he did last year, there is big upside in the 26-year-old's right arm. While Francisco Rodriguez stands in his way of moving into Detroit's closer gig, the possibility of Rondon taking over in the event of injury, ineffectiveness, or perhaps a midseason trade if the team falters is far more apparent than a year ago. Unless someone massively overpays, Rondon seems like the type of low-risk, high-reward type reliever selection that could payoff big time in fantasy leagues.(Colin Zarzycki)

The Quick Opinion: Rondon trimmed the walks in 2016 and the rest of his game seems to benefit because of it. If the hard-throwing righty can maintain his gains into 2017, he could be an interesting candidate to provide solid rates in all leagues while moving into second-in-line behind Francisco Rodriguez in the Motown bullpen.

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Total- - -- - -0-1.2-0.1-1.5   2.9   0.2  
2013-09-24DET@MIN00.5     0.3      
2013-09-02DET@BOS0-0.4     0.2      
2013-09-01DETCLE00.2     0.2      
2013-08-27DETOAK0-2.6     0.1      
2013-08-25DET@NYM00.10.0    0.3      
2013-08-23DET@NYM0-0.2     0.2      
2013-08-22DETMIN00.3     -0.1      
2013-08-20DETMIN00.3     0.0      
2013-08-15DETKCR00.4     0.2   -0.1  
2013-08-13DET@CHW00.0-0.2    0.0      
2013-08-09DET@NYY0-0.1     0.3      
2013-08-07DET@CLE01.10.0    0.4      
2013-08-04DETCHW00.1     0.9      
2013-07-28DETPHI00.6     -1.2      
2013-07-24DET@CHW00.1     -0.2      
2013-07-21DET@KCR00.4     0.4      
2013-07-19DET@KCR00.5     0.4      
2013-07-12DETTEX00.70.1    0.2   0.1  
2013-07-10DETCHW0-0.4 -1.5   0.1      
2013-07-08DET@CLE00.3     -0.1      
2013-07-05DET@CLE0-       0.2  
2013-07-03DET@TOR00.6     0.0      
2013-06-30DET@TBR00.50.0    0.2      
2013-06-29DET@TBR0-0.8     -0.1      
2013-05-01DETMIN0-1.8     -0.1      
2013-04-26DETATL00.5     0.2      
2013-04-25DETKCR0-1.3     0.2