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Eduardo Perez
Birthdate: 9/11/1969 (46 y, 8 m, 15 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-4/240     Position: 1B
Drafted: 1991 June Amateur Draft - Round: 1, Pick: 17, Overall: 17, Team: California Angels
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4/7M Rivera9-B112_2-3Eduardo Perez doubled to left (Grounder). Aubrey Huff scored. Jose Cruz advanced to 3B.4.820.9621.2 %.3451.50
4/9J Parrish10-B112_4-3Eduardo Perez singled to center (Liner). Jose Cruz scored. Rocco Baldelli advanced to 2B.4.270.9671.6 %.2841.00
4/22B Ryan8-T11__7-6Eduardo Perez reached on error to right (Fly). Rocco Baldelli advanced to 3B on error. Eduardo Perez advanced to 2B. Error by Luis Matos.2.890.5626.7 %.2020.89
4/10E Bedard1-B21__2-1Eduardo Perez homered (Fly). Aubrey Huff scored.0.820.2542.5 %.1831.87
4/21M Riley1-T1_230-1Eduardo Perez singled to left (Grounder). Carl Crawford scored. Damian Rolls advanced to 3B.1.441.4558.2 %.0680.78
4/17D Marte9-B0___1-4Eduardo Perez walked.1.010.554.7 %.0500.39
5/4C Park2-T01__0-1Eduardo Perez singled to left (Liner). Tino Martinez advanced to 2B.1.271.0462.2 %.0470.62
4/21M Riley5-T01__0-3Eduardo Perez walked. Rocco Baldelli advanced to 2B.0.780.9384.9 %.0280.62
4/25M Buehrle6-T1___1-2Eduardo Perez singled to third (Grounder).0.790.3161.9 %.0280.28
4/10E Bedard3-B1___2-2Eduardo Perez walked.0.730.2953.1 %.0280.27
4/21R Lopez6-T1___3-7Eduardo Perez singled to center (Grounder).0.220.2990.5 %.0080.27
4/11E DuBose1-B1_231-0Eduardo Perez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Rocco Baldelli scored. Aubrey Huff advanced to 3B.1.401.4663.1 %.001-0.08
5/3K Rogers9-T2_2_9-0Eduardo Perez walked.0.000.380.0 %.0000.13
4/11J Parrish8-B2___10-1Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.000.12100.0 %.000-0.12
4/28L DiNardo9-T2___6-0Eduardo Perez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.000-0.12
5/3K Rogers7-T0___9-0Eduardo Perez grounded out to third (Grounder).0.050.640.4 %-.001-0.29
5/3K Rogers4-T1___8-0Eduardo Perez grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.140.342.2 %-.004-0.21
4/10R Bauer7-B2___3-8Eduardo Perez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %-.004-0.12
5/3K Rogers2-T0___8-0Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.260.644.5 %-.007-0.29
4/11E DuBose3-B2___2-0Eduardo Perez flied out to center (Fly).0.330.1272.9 %-.009-0.12
4/11E DuBose6-B0___3-0Eduardo Perez flied out to center (Fly).0.340.5590.6 %-.009-0.26
4/11J Parrish7-B1_235-1Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.211.4698.0 %-.011-0.83
4/7K Brown2-B2___0-0Eduardo Perez grounded out to third (Grounder).0.440.1251.2 %-.012-0.12
4/21M Riley3-T0___0-3Eduardo Perez flied out to shortstop (Liner).0.550.5478.8 %-.014-0.25
4/7K Brown4-B11231-0Eduardo Perez reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Rocco Baldelli scored. Robert Fick out at third.2.771.6367.1 %-.016-0.38
5/9J Washburn2-T1___0-0Eduardo Perez flied out to right (Fly).0.660.2847.6 %-.017-0.17
5/9J Washburn5-T0___5-1Eduardo Perez doubled to right (Fly). Eduardo Perez out.0.680.5210.5 %-.018-0.24
4/17S Schoeneweis2-B1___0-1Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.720.2942.4 %-.018-0.18
5/4J Powell6-T2___4-3Eduardo Perez struck out looking.0.690.1429.4 %-.019-0.14
5/4C Park4-T1___2-1Eduardo Perez grounded out to third (Grounder).0.830.3436.2 %-.022-0.21
5/4J Nelson9-T0___4-5Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.850.6380.9 %-.023-0.29
4/30M Redman2-B0___0-0Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.0.920.5555.3 %-.024-0.26
4/30M Redman7-B11__0-4Eduardo Perez fouled out to third (Fly).0.970.578.1 %-.025-0.32
4/25M Buehrle4-T0___1-2Eduardo Perez flied out to right (Fly).0.930.5861.3 %-.025-0.27
4/17S Schoeneweis5-B0___0-3Eduardo Perez grounded out to second (Grounder).1.060.5520.4 %-.028-0.26
4/30M Redman4-B21__0-0Eduardo Perez flied out to second (Fly).1.000.2552.9 %-.029-0.25
4/25M Buehrle8-T11__2-3Eduardo Perez struck out swinging.1.320.6072.8 %-.033-0.33
4/10R Bauer5-B0___3-4Eduardo Perez struck out looking.1.340.5542.5 %-.035-0.26
4/17S Schoeneweis7-B11__0-3Eduardo Perez fouled out to left (Fly).1.500.5714.2 %-.038-0.32
4/7K Brown7-B0___1-2Eduardo Perez grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.910.5537.8 %-.050-0.26
4/30A Rhodes9-B0___2-4Eduardo Perez grounded out to second (Grounder).1.970.5510.2 %-.052-0.26
4/25M Buehrle1-T112_0-1Eduardo Perez grounded into a double play to third (Grounder). Aubrey Huff out at second.1.671.0062.1 %-.079-1.00