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Brad Voyles
Birthdate: 12/30/1976 (39 y, 6 m, 27 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-1/190     Position: P
Drafted: 1998 June Amateur Draft - Round: 45, Pick: 23, Overall: 1348, Team: Atlanta Braves
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6/30B Broussard1-T11230-0Ben Broussard grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Milton Bradley out at second.2.261.6941.2 %.1401.68
9/4A Cintron5-T212_2-1Alex Cintron flied out to left (Fly).2.240.4963.7 %.0610.49
6/30J Gerut1-T01230-0Jody Gerut struck out swinging to catcher.1.832.4635.2 %.0600.77
6/30R Gutierrez4-T112_0-0Ricky Gutierrez flied out to left (Fly).2.221.0245.8 %.0540.52
6/30B Phillips4-T212_0-0Brandon Phillips reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Casey Blake out at third. Victor Martinez advanced to 2B.1.930.4951.2 %.0530.49
9/4L Gonzalez3-T212_1-1Luis Gonzalez flied out to center (Fly).1.780.4951.1 %.0490.49
9/11B Broussard5-T01__4-3Ben Broussard struck out swinging to catcher.1.941.0157.5 %.0480.40
6/7B Butler7-B0___4-6Brent Butler flied out to left (Fly).1.670.6772.8 %.0470.30
6/7T Helton7-B21__4-6Todd Helton singled to center (Liner). Juan Uribe out at second.1.470.3078.4 %.0460.29
6/7G Norton6-B0___4-6Greg Norton lined out to first (Liner).1.450.6769.1 %.0400.30
9/4D Bautista2-T2__31-0Danny Bautista was tagged out.1.310.4161.1 %.0380.41
7/5W Morris2-T212_0-2Warren Morris out on a dropped third strike.1.310.4932.8 %.0360.49
9/4S Finley3-T1_2_1-0Steve Finley flied out to right (Fly). Carlos Baerga advanced to 3B.1.340.7658.4 %.0360.35
9/11J Peralta4-T11__4-2Jhonny Peralta flied out to right (Fly).1.370.6170.8 %.0350.34
6/30V Martinez2-T01__0-0Victor Martinez flied out to center (Fly).1.431.0146.4 %.0350.40
6/7G Vaughn5-B21__4-6Greg Vaughn struck out swinging.1.130.3070.8 %.0350.29
9/4C Baerga5-T0___2-1Carlos Baerga grounded out to catcher (Grounder).1.250.6162.4 %.0340.28
6/7M Sweeney7-B1___4-6Mark Sweeney flied out to left (Fly).1.230.3777.5 %.0340.22
6/30M Bradley3-T11__0-0Milton Bradley flied out to center (Fly).1.300.6149.9 %.0330.34
9/4L Gonzalez1-T2_2_0-0Luis Gonzalez fouled out to third (Fly).1.060.3752.0 %.0320.37
6/1E Byrnes8-T212_4-6Eric Byrnes out on a infield fly to shortstop (Fly).1.130.4916.5 %.0310.49
6/30R Gutierrez2-T11__0-0Ricky Gutierrez lined out to second (Liner).1.210.6149.9 %.0310.34
7/5C Pena1-T2_2_0-1Carlos Pena grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).1.010.3743.1 %.0300.37
9/4S Hillenbrand4-T0___2-1Shea Hillenbrand flied out to center (Fly).1.120.6161.0 %.0300.28
6/7J Hernandez6-B1___4-6Jose Hernandez struck out swinging.1.070.3773.1 %.0290.22
6/30B Broussard4-T0___0-0Ben Broussard grounded out to first (Grounder).1.080.6150.0 %.0290.28
9/11B Phillips4-T21__4-2Brandon Phillips flied out to left (Fly).0.920.2774.3 %.0280.27
6/30J Gerut3-T21__0-0Jody Gerut lined out to left (Liner).0.910.2753.2 %.0270.27
6/30M Bradley5-T0_230-1Milton Bradley hit a sacrifice fly to left (Fly). Coco Crisp scored.1.582.1133.2 %.0270.35
6/30C Crisp3-T0___0-0Coco Crisp flied out to right (Fly).0.990.6150.0 %.0270.28
9/4S Hillenbrand2-T0___1-0Shea Hillenbrand grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.960.6159.3 %.0260.28
6/30B Phillips2-T21__0-0Brandon Phillips grounded out to third (Grounder).0.840.2753.0 %.0250.27
9/11V Martinez4-T0___4-1Victor Martinez flied out to left (Fly).0.920.6179.1 %.0250.28
9/4C Moeller5-T1___2-1Chad Moeller flied out to left (Fly).0.930.3365.7 %.0250.20
7/5R Santiago2-T11__0-2Ramon Santiago lined out to center (Liner).0.950.6132.0 %.0240.34
9/4C Moeller3-T01__1-0Chad Moeller sacrificed to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). Carlos Baerga advanced to 2B.1.601.0156.0 %.0240.25
6/7M Sweeney5-B11__1-6Mark Sweeney flied out to left (Fly).0.870.6789.0 %.0240.37
9/11C Blake3-T0___4-1Casey Blake flied out to left (Fly).0.880.6177.2 %.0240.28
7/5A Sanchez1-T0___0-0Alex Sanchez flied out to left (Fly).0.870.6150.0 %.0240.28
9/4S Finley1-T0___0-0Steve Finley struck out swinging to catcher.0.870.6150.0 %.0240.28
7/5E Munson2-T0___0-1Eric Munson struck out swinging.0.840.6140.7 %.0230.28
9/4F Jose4-T1___2-1Felix Jose struck out swinging to catcher.0.830.3364.1 %.0220.20
7/5D Young3-T0___0-2Dmitri Young struck out swinging.0.750.6130.7 %.0200.28
6/7B Estalella6-B2___4-6Bobby Estalella grounded out to third (Grounder).0.670.1576.0 %.0190.14
9/4F Jose2-T1___1-0Felix Jose lined out to right (Liner).0.700.3361.9 %.0180.20
7/5W Morris1-T1___0-0Warren Morris struck out swinging.0.650.3352.4 %.0170.20
9/4M Kata1-T1___0-0Matt Kata flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.650.3352.4 %.0170.20
9/11B Broussard3-T1___4-1Ben Broussard grounded out to first (Grounder).0.630.3379.6 %.0160.20
9/4D Bautista4-T2___2-1Danny Bautista struck out swinging to catcher.0.530.1366.3 %.0150.13
7/5C Pena3-T1___0-3Carlos Pena struck out swinging.0.460.3324.4 %.0120.20
6/1J Dye9-T21__4-6Jermaine Dye reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Erubiel Durazo out at second.0.400.2710.3 %.0120.27
6/1S Hatteberg9-T0___4-6Scott Hatteberg flied out to center (Fly).0.390.618.9 %.0110.28
9/11A Escobar3-T2___4-1Alex Escobar flied out to left (Liner).0.380.1381.2 %.0100.13
7/5E Munson3-T2___0-3Eric Munson grounded out to first (Grounder).0.300.1325.6 %.0080.13
6/1M Tejada9-T1___4-6Miguel Tejada fouled out to third (Fly).0.320.3310.0 %.0080.20
7/10B Gil7-B112_5-1Benji Gil flied out to center (Fly).0.240.942.6 %.0060.49
7/22M Ellis6-T2_2_0-6Mark Ellis flied out to center (Fly).0.180.373.8 %.0050.37
7/10T Glaus7-B21236-1Troy Glaus reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Garret Anderson out at second.0.180.791.4 %.0050.79
7/5W Morris4-T1___0-6Warren Morris bunted to third (Bunt Grounder). Warren Morris out.0.150.336.9 %.0040.20
7/22R Hernandez6-T0___0-6Ramon Hernandez flied out to left (Fly).0.130.613.5 %.0040.28
7/10J Molina7-B0___5-1Jose Molina flied out to left (Fly).0.120.533.0 %.0030.25
7/5D Young4-T2___0-6Dmitri Young flied out to right (Fly). %.0030.13
7/22S Hatteberg6-T1___0-6Scott Hatteberg flied out to right (Fly).0.100.333.9 %.0030.20
7/22T Long7-T0___0-6Terrence Long flied out to second (Fly).0.090.612.3 %.0020.28
7/22A Piatt7-T1___0-6Adam Piatt struck out looking to catcher.0.070.332.5 %.0020.20
7/5R Santiago4-T012_0-3Ramon Santiago sacrificed to catcher (Bunt Grounder). Craig Monroe advanced to 3B. A.J. Hinch advanced to 2B.1.011.6415.5 %.0010.12
9/23D Young7-T0___6-13Dmitri Young struck out swinging to catcher.0.050.611.2 %.0010.28
9/27B Daubach5-T1_231-13Brian Daubach out on a dropped third strike to catcher.0.041.520.5 %.0010.85
9/27C Lee6-T1__31-15Carlos Lee hit a sacrifice fly to left (Fly). Miguel Olivo scored. %.001-0.11
9/23C Pena7-T1___6-13Carlos Pena struck out swinging to catcher.0.040.331.3 %.0010.20
9/27J Valentin5-T2_231-13Jose Valentin struck out swinging to catcher.0.050.670.7 %.0010.67
9/23R Santiago7-T2_2_6-15Ramon Santiago grounded out to second (Liner).0.010.370.4 %.0010.37
9/27J Crede7-T1_233-16Joe Crede out on a dropped third strike to catcher.0.011.520.1 %.0000.85
7/22S Hatteberg7-T21__0-9Scott Hatteberg lined out to second (Liner). %.0000.27
7/22E Durazo8-T2_230-9Erubiel Durazo grounded out to second (Grounder).0.010.670.1 %.0000.67
5/27J Cirillo9-T11_37-15Jeff Cirillo flied out to left (Fly). %.0000.72
5/27B Davis9-T2_237-15Ben Davis struck out looking to catcher.0.010.670.1 %.0000.67
9/23B Petrick8-T11__6-15Ben Petrick struck out looking to catcher.0.000.610.1 %.0000.34
9/27A Miles6-T2___1-15Aaron Miles flied out to right (Fly). %.0000.13
9/23W Morris8-T01__6-15Warren Morris flied out to left (Fly). %.0000.40
9/23D Young8-T21__6-15Dmitri Young grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.0000.27
9/27B Daubach7-T012_3-15Brian Daubach struck out looking to catcher.0.021.640.1 %.0000.62
9/27J Valentin7-T2__33-18Jose Valentin advanced on a wild pitch to score.0.010.410.2 %.000-0.72
7/22M Ellis8-T1___0-9Mark Ellis grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.000.330.1 %.0000.20
5/27M Cameron9-T01_37-15Mike Cameron struck out swinging to catcher.0.001.950.0 %.0000.67
7/22C Singleton8-T0___0-9Chris Singleton grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.000.610.1 %.0000.28
9/27W Harris7-T21__3-18Willie Harris grounded out to pitcher (Grounder). %.0000.27
9/23M Walbeck9-T01__6-15Matt Walbeck struck out swinging to catcher. %.0000.40
9/23A Torres9-T21__6-15Andres Torres fouled out to second (Fly). %.0000.27
7/22M Tejada9-T0___0-9Miguel Tejada struck out swinging to catcher.0.000.610.0 %.0000.28
9/23O Infante9-T11__6-15Omar Infante fouled out to first (Fly).0.000.610.0 %.0000.34
7/22A Melhuse9-T1___0-10Adam Melhuse walked.0.000.330.0 %.000-0.29
7/22S Hatteberg9-T11__0-10Scott Hatteberg walked. Adam Melhuse advanced to 2B.0.000.610.0 %.000-0.40
7/22C Singleton9-T112_0-10Chris Singleton flied out to left (Fly). %.0000.52
7/22M Ellis9-T212_0-10Mark Ellis grounded out to second (Grounder).0.000.490.0 %.0000.49
9/27M Ordonez5-T112_1-12Magglio Ordonez singled to right (Liner). Carlos Lee scored. Frank Thomas advanced to 2B. %.000-1.00
9/27M Olivo6-T0_2_1-14Miguel Olivo doubled to left (Liner). Joe Crede scored. %.000-1.00
9/27C Everett7-T2_233-17Carl Everett advanced on a wild pitch to score. Jose Valentin advanced to 3B.0.010.670.2 %.000-0.74
9/27M Olivo7-T2___3-18Miguel Olivo walked. %.000-0.14
5/27J Olerud9-T21_37-15John Olerud advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.0.020.560.1 %.000-0.11
9/27W Harris6-T0_2_1-14Willie Harris grounded out to second (Grounder). Miguel Olivo advanced to 3B. %.0000.22
7/22T Long8-T2___0-9Terrence Long singled to right (Liner). %.000-0.14
9/23C Pena9-T0___6-15Carlos Pena walked.0.000.610.0 %.000-0.40
5/27G Colbrunn9-T0___7-15Greg Colbrunn singled to right (Liner).0.000.610.1 %.000-0.40
9/23A Sanchez8-T0___6-15Alex Sanchez walked.0.000.610.1 %.000-0.40
9/27C Everett5-T11_31-13Carl Everett advanced on the throw to 2B. %.000-0.23
9/27C Everett7-T01__3-15Carl Everett singled to right (Liner). Magglio Ordonez advanced to 2B. %.000-0.62
7/22A Piatt8-T21__0-9Adam Piatt doubled to left (Liner). Terrence Long advanced to 3B. %.000-0.40
7/22E Chavez9-T1___0-10Eric Chavez homered (Fly).0.000.330.0 %.000-1.00
9/27M Ordonez7-T0___3-15Magglio Ordonez reached on error to shortstop (Grounder). Error by Mendy Lopez.0.010.610.2 %.000-0.40
9/27J Valentin7-T112_3-16Jose Valentin doubled to right (Liner). Magglio Ordonez scored. Carl Everett advanced to 3B. %.000-1.50
5/27J Olerud9-T01__7-15John Olerud singled to right (Liner). Greg Colbrunn advanced to 3B. %.000-0.94
9/23O Infante7-T2___6-14Omar Infante singled to right (Grounder). %.000-0.14
9/27C Everett5-T112_1-13Carl Everett singled to center (Liner). Frank Thomas scored. Magglio Ordonez advanced to 3B. %-.001-1.27
7/10G Anderson7-B2_236-1Garret Anderson was intentionally walked.0.130.621.5 %-.001-0.17
9/27J Crede6-T0___1-13Joe Crede doubled to right (Liner).0.010.610.4 %-.001-0.64
7/22E Durazo7-T2___0-6Erubiel Durazo walked. %-.001-0.14
7/22M Tejada7-T21__0-6Miguel Tejada singled to right (Liner). Erubiel Durazo advanced to 2B. %-.002-0.22
7/22R Hernandez7-T2_2_0-9Ramon Hernandez singled to left (Liner). Eric Chavez scored.0.040.370.7 %-.003-0.91
7/10A Kennedy7-B1___5-1Adam Kennedy singled to left (Liner). %-.003-0.27
7/22C Singleton6-T2___0-6Chris Singleton doubled to left (Liner). %-.003-0.24
9/23A Torres7-T21__6-15Andres Torres reached on error to left (Liner). Omar Infante scored on error. Andres Torres advanced to 2B. Error by Raul Ibanez. %-.004-1.09
7/10D Erstad7-B11__5-1Darin Erstad singled to center (Liner). Adam Kennedy advanced to 2B.0.160.553.0 %-.004-0.39
6/1E Durazo9-T2___4-6Erubiel Durazo walked.0.230.1310.8 %-.006-0.14
9/23A Hinch7-T2___6-14A.J. Hinch homered (Fly). %-.007-1.00
6/7J Uribe5-B21__1-6Juan Uribe walked. Bobby Estalella advanced to 2B.0.520.3091.4 %-.015-0.23
7/5A Sanchez2-T21__0-2Alex Sanchez walked. A.J. Hinch advanced to 2B.0.680.2734.4 %-.016-0.22
7/5A Hinch4-T0_2_0-3A.J. Hinch walked.0.701.2517.1 %-.016-0.39
7/22E Chavez7-T212_0-8Eric Chavez doubled to left (Liner). Erubiel Durazo scored. Miguel Tejada scored.0.170.492.4 %-.017-1.87
7/10T Salmon7-B212_6-1Tim Salmon doubled to left (Liner). Adam Kennedy scored. Darin Erstad advanced to 3B.0.230.453.2 %-.017-1.17
9/4S Finley5-T2___2-1Steve Finley walked.0.590.1368.2 %-.018-0.14
7/5K Witt1-T2___0-1Kevin Witt doubled to right (Liner).0.390.1345.1 %-.020-0.24
9/4A Cintron1-T2___0-0Alex Cintron doubled to right (Liner).0.420.1354.1 %-.021-0.24
9/4A Cintron3-T21__1-1Alex Cintron walked. Matt Kata advanced to 2B.0.910.2753.2 %-.021-0.22
6/7J Uribe7-B2___4-6Juan Uribe walked.0.740.1580.8 %-.025-0.15
9/4D Bautista2-T2___1-0Danny Bautista tripled to center (Fly).0.440.1363.7 %-.026-0.28
9/4M Kata5-T21__2-1Matt Kata walked. Steve Finley advanced to 2B.1.130.2766.4 %-.027-0.22
6/30M Lawton3-T1___0-0Matt Lawton singled to center (Liner).0.750.3352.7 %-.028-0.29
6/30C Blake4-T1___0-0Casey Blake singled to center (Fly).0.800.3352.9 %-.030-0.29
6/30C Crisp1-T0___0-0Coco Crisp bunted to third (Bunt Grounder).0.870.6150.0 %-.034-0.40
6/30C Blake2-T0___0-0Casey Blake walked.0.930.6150.0 %-.036-0.40
7/5C Monroe2-T1___0-1Craig Monroe doubled to left (Liner).0.630.3343.0 %-.037-0.44
9/11T Hafner4-T1___4-1Travis Hafner doubled to right (Liner).0.650.3381.6 %-.038-0.44
7/5C Monroe4-T0___0-3Craig Monroe doubled to right (Fly).0.590.6120.9 %-.038-0.64
6/30B Broussard5-T1_2_0-2Ben Broussard singled to center (Liner). Jody Gerut advanced to 3B.1.030.7625.6 %-.038-0.52
9/4C Baerga3-T0___1-0Carlos Baerga singled to center (Liner).1.020.6160.1 %-.040-0.40
6/30V Martinez4-T11__0-0Victor Martinez singled to center (Liner). Casey Blake advanced to 2B.1.410.6149.9 %-.041-0.40
6/30C Crisp5-T0___0-0Coco Crisp walked.1.190.6150.0 %-.045-0.40
9/11A Escobar5-T11__4-3Alex Escobar singled to left (Grounder). Casey Blake advanced to 2B.1.630.6162.2 %-.048-0.40
9/11C Blake5-T0___4-3Casey Blake was hit by a pitch.1.250.6162.4 %-.049-0.41
6/30M Lawton1-T01__0-0Matt Lawton walked. Coco Crisp advanced to 2B.1.351.0146.6 %-.051-0.62
6/30M Bradley1-T012_0-0Milton Bradley singled to right (Liner). Coco Crisp advanced to 3B. Matt Lawton advanced to 2B.1.691.6441.6 %-.064-0.82
9/11C Magruder4-T1_2_4-2Chris Magruder singled to center (Liner). Travis Hafner scored.1.180.7677.8 %-.070-0.85
7/5A Hinch2-T1_2_0-2A.J. Hinch singled to right (Liner). Craig Monroe scored.1.110.7639.3 %-.073-0.85
6/7P Wilson5-B2_2_4-6Preston Wilson singled to right (Liner). Todd Helton scored.1.210.3979.0 %-.082-0.90
7/5K Witt3-T1___0-3Kevin Witt homered (Fly).0.570.3332.7 %-.083-1.00
9/4M Kata3-T2__31-1Matt Kata singled to right (Liner). Carlos Baerga scored.1.420.4162.0 %-.087-0.86
7/5A Sanchez4-T1_230-6Alex Sanchez homered (Fly). Craig Monroe scored. A.J. Hinch scored.0.891.5215.7 %-.088-1.81
7/5D Young1-T2___0-1Dmitri Young homered (Liner).0.420.1354.1 %-.090-1.00
6/30J Gerut5-T1_2_0-2Jody Gerut doubled to right (Fly). Matt Lawton scored.1.320.7635.9 %-.103-1.00
9/11J Gerut5-T0___4-3Jody Gerut homered (Liner).1.150.6173.0 %-.106-1.00
6/7T Helton5-B212_3-6Todd Helton doubled to right (Liner). Bobby Estalella scored. Juan Uribe scored.1.100.5389.9 %-.109-1.87
6/30M Lawton5-T01__0-0Matt Lawton hit a ground rule double (Fly). Coco Crisp advanced to 3B.1.811.0145.5 %-.123-1.10