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Rodrigo Lopez
Birthdate: 12/14/1975 (41 y, 8 m, 8 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-1/185     Position: P
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RotoWire News: The Phillies released Lopez on Friday, Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. (3/22/2013)
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4/10M Gamel5-T01__3-6Mat Gamel flied out to right (Fly).0.740.8814.1 %.0170.36
4/10R Weeks Jr.6-T01__3-6Rickie Weeks flied out to center (Fly).0.660.8811.6 %.0150.36
4/10J Lucroy5-T11__3-6Jonathan Lucroy struck out looking.0.630.5215.8 %.0150.29
4/10C Gomez6-T11__3-6Carlos Gomez flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.560.5213.2 %.0130.29
4/10A Gonzalez5-T21__3-6Alex Gonzalez was caught stealing.0.450.2317.3 %.0130.23
4/10R Braun6-T21__3-6Ryan Braun flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.410.2314.5 %.0110.23
4/18G Stanton7-B01__7-1Giancarlo Stanton flied out to right (Fly).0.040.850.5 %.0010.35
4/18M Buehrle7-B21_38-1Mark Buehrle struck out looking.0.020.480.3 %.0010.48
4/15M Holliday7-B0___8-2Matt Holliday flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.020.460.5 %.0000.22
4/15S Robinson7-B1__310-2Shane Robinson grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.010.910.1 %.0000.56
4/15E Komatsu8-B21_310-3Erik Komatsu flied out to third (Fly).0.010.470.1 %.0000.47
4/15R Furcal8-B0_2_10-3Rafael Furcal flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)). %.0000.42
4/18E Bonifacio8-B0__38-1Emilio Bonifacio flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.001.390.0 %.0000.47
4/15D Descalso7-B2__310-2Daniel Descalso grounded out to first (Grounder).0.000.340.1 %.0000.34
4/15M Holliday8-B112_10-3Matt Holliday flied out to right (Fliner (Fly)). Tony Cruz advanced to 3B.0.010.870.1 %.0000.39
4/18H Ramirez8-B1__38-1Hanley Ramirez walked.0.010.920.1 %.000-0.23
4/18G Stanton8-B21__9-1Giancarlo Stanton singled to left (Grounder). Chris Coghlan advanced to 2B. %.000-0.20
4/18G Sanchez8-B212_9-1Gaby Sanchez flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.000.420.0 %.0000.42
4/15T Greene8-B1_2_10-3Tyler Greene walked.0.010.640.1 %.000-0.22
4/18C Coghlan8-B11_39-1Chris Coghlan reached on fielder's choice to second (Grounder). Jose Reyes scored. Hanley Ramirez out at second. %.000-0.07
4/15T Cruz8-B0___10-3Tony Cruz doubled to center (Fly).0.000.460.1 %.000-0.61
4/18J Reyes8-B0___8-1Jose Reyes tripled to left (Grounder).0.000.480.1 %.000-0.91
4/15E Komatsu7-B1___8-2Erik Komatsu singled to left (Liner). %-.001-0.25
4/15Y Molina7-B11__8-2Yadier Molina singled to center (Liner). Erik Komatsu advanced to 2B.0.030.490.5 %-.001-0.38
4/18G Sanchez7-B11__7-1Gaby Sanchez singled to center (Fliner (Fly)). Chris Coghlan advanced to 2B.0.030.500.6 %-.001-0.38
4/18L Morrison7-B0___7-1Logan Morrison walked.0.030.480.6 %-.001-0.37
4/18D Murphy7-B11238-1Donnie Murphy hit a sacrifice fly to center (Fly). Chris Coghlan scored. Gaby Sanchez advanced to 3B.0.071.540.4 %-.0010.06
4/18J Buck7-B112_7-1John Buck singled to shortstop (Grounder). Chris Coghlan advanced to 3B. Gaby Sanchez advanced to 2B.0.050.880.5 %-.001-0.66
4/15M Carpenter7-B112_10-2Matt Carpenter tripled to left (Fliner (Fly)). Erik Komatsu scored. Yadier Molina scored.0.040.870.5 %-.004-2.04
4/22D Stubbs6-T01232-3Drew Stubbs reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Ryan Hanigan scored. Johnny Cueto advanced to 3B. Zack Cozart out at second.2.682.3327.1 %-.0080.15
4/10N Aoki6-T0___3-6Nori Aoki walked.0.430.5013.3 %-.016-0.38
4/10A Gonzalez5-T0___3-6Alex Gonzalez was hit by a pitch.0.470.5015.9 %-.018-0.38
4/22R Hanigan6-T0___2-2Ryan Hanigan walked.1.340.5050.0 %-.052-0.38
4/22J Cueto6-T01__2-2Johnny Cueto reached on a sacrifice with error to catcher (Bunt Grounder). Ryan Hanigan advanced to 2B on error. Error by Geovany Soto.2.140.8844.8 %-.078-0.61
4/22Z Cozart6-T012_2-2Zack Cozart reached on a sacrifice with error to catcher (Bunt Grounder). Ryan Hanigan advanced to 3B. Johnny Cueto advanced to 2B on error. Error by Geovany Soto.2.621.4937.0 %-.099-0.85