Scott Rice
Birthdate: 9/21/1981 (35 y, 3 m, 28 d)     Bats/Throws: L/L     Height/Weight: 6-6/225     Position: P
Drafted: 1999 June Amateur Draft - Round: 1s, Pick: 14, Overall: 44, Team: Baltimore Orioles
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RotoWire News: Rice signed a minor-league deal with the Diamondbacks on Friday, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan reports. (12/18/2015)
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4/20F Freeman7-T11_33-3Freddie Freeman grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Jason Heyward out at second.3.831.0936.6 %.2121.09
5/31R Howard8-B21_33-4Ryan Howard struck out swinging.5.150.4771.2 %.1380.47
5/10C Utley7-T1_2_4-4Chase Utley was caught stealing.2.280.5945.8 %.1030.51
5/11R Brignac11-T212_4-4Reid Brignac grounded out to first (Grounder).4.280.3851.3 %.1020.38
4/23M Adams8-T2_233-1Matt Adams flied out to right (Fly).3.490.5485.5 %.0970.54
6/3L Valbuena9-B1_2_1-1Luis Valbuena struck out swinging.3.180.6331.0 %.0880.33
5/30R Howard9-B01__5-5Ryan Howard struck out swinging.3.230.8229.9 %.0750.34
5/9C Utley8-T112_1-2Chase Utley grounded into a double play to second (Grounder). Jimmy Rollins out at second.1.640.8018.9 %.0690.80
6/4N Schierholtz7-B1_235-4Nate Schierholtz struck out swinging.1.271.3412.9 %.0630.78
4/21S Robinson7-T212_2-0Shane Robinson grounded out to third (Grounder).2.480.3884.9 %.0600.38
5/3C Gonzalez8-B21__9-9Carlos Gonzalez grounded out to second (Grounder).1.850.2744.5 %.0550.27
6/1R Howard9-B0___2-2Ryan Howard grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).2.200.4537.3 %.0540.21
4/12K Calhoun10-B0___6-6Kole Calhoun grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).2.160.4138.1 %.0520.20
5/26R Martin8-T0___2-1Russell Martin flied out to center (Fly).2.100.3978.0 %.0500.19
5/3J Morneau8-B0___9-9Justin Morneau struck out swinging.1.840.6038.2 %.0490.28
4/16G Parra8-B212_0-3Gerardo Parra grounded out to second (Grounder).1.850.4392.1 %.0470.43
4/26G Jones8-T0___6-6Garrett Jones grounded out to first (Grounder).1.780.3950.0 %.0420.19
5/10B Revere7-T0___4-3Ben Revere grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).1.720.3972.6 %.0410.19
5/3C Blackmon8-B1___9-9Charlie Blackmon lined out to shortstop (Liner).1.470.3243.1 %.0390.20
4/12J Shuck10-B1___6-6J.B. Shuck grounded out to second (Grounder).1.620.2143.3 %.0380.13
4/24M Adams8-T212_4-1Matt Adams grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).1.420.3894.6 %.0340.38
5/26P Alvarez8-T1___2-1Pedro Alvarez grounded out to second (Grounder).1.450.2083.0 %.0340.12
4/21M Carpenter8-T0___2-0Matt Carpenter struck out swinging.1.290.3989.2 %.0310.19
5/4C Blackmon7-B2_230-5Charlie Blackmon flied out to center (Fly).0.930.6794.7 %.0300.67
4/26D Dietrich8-T1___6-6Derek Dietrich grounded out to first (Grounder).1.270.2054.2 %.0290.12
5/12B McCann7-B1_2_7-6Brian McCann struck out swinging.1.030.6518.7 %.0280.34
5/12J Ellsbury7-B0___7-6Jacoby Ellsbury struck out swinging.0.720.4720.4 %.0180.22
5/15Z Almonte8-T0___0-1Zoilo Almonte struck out swinging.0.740.3922.0 %.0170.19
5/29D Brown7-B1___1-4Domonic Brown grounded out to second (Grounder).0.620.2491.6 %.0150.14
5/24G Parra9-T11__2-3Gerardo Parra struck out looking.0.680.4313.5 %.0150.25
4/5J Votto8-T1___2-3Joey Votto grounded out to second (Grounder).0.530.2023.7 %.0120.12
6/3S Castro9-B01__1-1Starlin Castro grounded out to third (Grounder). Anthony Rizzo advanced to 2B.3.230.8129.9 %.0110.18
4/3D Span7-T01__2-3Denard Span sacrificed to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). Scott Hairston advanced to 2B.1.440.7524.0 %.0110.16
5/21A Gonzalez8-T21__2-4Adrian Gonzalez grounded out to pitcher (Grounder).0.350.1911.7 %.0090.19
4/5J Bruce8-T2___2-3Jay Bruce struck out looking.0.360.0825.0 %.0090.08
4/18T Pastornicky8-T2_2_0-5Tyler Pastornicky grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.0020.28
4/13K Calhoun6-B012310-2Kole Calhoun struck out swinging. %.0000.75
4/13H Kendrick6-B1_2311-2Howie Kendrick grounded out to second (Grounder).0.001.310.1 %.0000.76
4/13I Stewart6-B2_2311-2Ian Stewart struck out swinging.0.000.550.1 %.0000.55
4/13A Pujols6-B0_239-2Albert Pujols was intentionally walked.0.021.880.2 %.000-0.33
4/13J Shuck6-B0___9-2J.B. Shuck singled to center (Grounder).0.010.410.4 %-.001-0.36
4/13M Trout6-B112311-2Raul Ibanez advanced on a wild pitch to 2B. Mike Trout scored. Albert Pujols advanced to 3B.0.021.460.1 %-.001-0.85
4/13M Trout6-B01__9-2Mike Trout singled to center (Grounder). J.B. Shuck advanced to 2B.0.020.770.4 %-.001-0.59
4/13R Ibanez6-B012310-2Raul Ibanez walked. J.B. Shuck scored. Mike Trout advanced to 3B. Albert Pujols advanced to 2B. %-.001-1.00
4/13J Shuck6-B012_9-2Mike Trout advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.0.021.370.3 %-.001-0.51
5/20A Gonzalez8-T2_234-6Adrian Gonzalez walked.0.870.5410.3 %-.004-0.17
5/20Y Puig8-T212_4-6Hanley Ramirez advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.0.720.3810.9 %-.007-0.16
6/4C Coghlan7-B2_235-4Chris Coghlan walked.1.580.5619.2 %-.009-0.17
6/8B Crawford8-B2___5-4Brandon Crawford doubled to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.200.0812.7 %-.012-0.20
5/24E Chavez9-T1___2-3Eric Chavez walked.0.370.2014.8 %-.013-0.23
4/18J Schafer8-T21__0-5Jordan Schafer doubled to right (Fliner (Fly)). Chris Johnson scored. %-.015-1.09
5/12J Murphy7-B11__7-6John Ryan Murphy advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.0.960.5020.3 %-.016-0.16
5/12J Murphy7-B1___7-6John Ryan Murphy walked.0.540.2522.2 %-.019-0.25
5/15K Johnson8-T1___0-1Kelly Johnson walked.0.530.2023.7 %-.020-0.23
5/10R Howard7-T2___4-4Ryan Howard singled to right (Fliner (Liner)).0.720.0856.0 %-.020-0.11
5/3D Stubbs8-B2___9-9Drew Stubbs walked.1.110.1347.0 %-.025-0.14
5/9J Rollins8-T11__1-2Jimmy Rollins walked. Ben Revere advanced to 2B.1.000.4321.8 %-.029-0.37
5/15B Gardner8-T11__0-1Brett Gardner walked. Kelly Johnson advanced to 2B.1.000.4321.8 %-.029-0.37
5/31C Utley8-B2__33-4Chase Utley walked.4.090.3474.1 %-.029-0.13
4/3S Hairston7-T0___2-3Scott Hairston singled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.840.3927.4 %-.034-0.36
5/10J Rollins7-T11__4-3Jimmy Rollins advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.2.380.4371.7 %-.036-0.16
5/11C Utley11-T21__4-4Chase Utley was hit by a pitch. Jimmy Rollins advanced to 2B.2.100.1956.0 %-.047-0.19
5/10J Rollins7-T1___4-3Jimmy Rollins singled to second (Grounder).1.180.2076.7 %-.050-0.23
4/3B Harper7-T1_2_2-3Bryce Harper singled to catcher (Grounder). Scott Hairston advanced to 3B.1.260.5925.1 %-.050-0.50
4/11K Calhoun8-B21__4-4Kole Calhoun singled to center (Fliner (Liner)). Erick Aybar advanced to 3B.1.720.1945.5 %-.056-0.25
5/30C Utley9-B0___5-5Chase Utley singled to right (Grounder).2.200.4537.3 %-.075-0.37
6/3A Rizzo9-B0___1-1Anthony Rizzo singled to center (Liner).2.200.4537.4 %-.075-0.37
5/5C Yelich9-B0___3-3Christian Yelich singled to center (Grounder).2.200.4437.4 %-.075-0.37
5/26G Sanchez8-T0___2-1Gaby Sanchez homered (Fly).1.290.3989.2 %-.112-1.00
3/31D Span7-T21234-4Denard Span walked. Adam LaRoche scored. Anthony Rendon advanced to 3B. Nate McLouth advanced to 2B.6.160.7066.8 %-.209-1.00
5/10C Utley7-T1_2_4-4Chase Utley doubled to center (Fliner (Fly)). Jimmy Rollins scored.2.600.5968.1 %-.223-1.00
6/3N Schierholtz9-B2_2_2-1Nate Schierholtz singled to right (Fliner (Fly)). Anthony Rizzo scored.3.760.3039.8 %-.398-0.91