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Jeff Fulchino
Birthdate: 11/26/1979     Bats/Throws: R/R
Height/Weight: 6-5/286     Position: P
Contract: Add New Contract

10/21/2011: Fulchino has elected free agency, MLB.com reports.

8/16X Nady13-B0___2-2Xavier Nady struck out swinging.2.300.5435.5 %.0600.25
6/22S Holm4-T112_2-6Steve Holm grounded into a double play to shortstop (Grounder). Jose Castillo out at second.0.720.9010.3 %.0330.90
8/16I Rodriguez13-B11__2-2Ivan Rodriguez grounded out to third (Grounder). Robinson Cano advanced to 2B.2.960.5635.9 %.0290.22
6/22E Burriss3-T1__30-5Emmanuel Burriss struck out swinging.0.430.937.3 %.0180.58
6/22J Bowker2-T21_30-5John Bowker grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.570.4910.2 %.0160.49
6/22B Molina3-T21230-6Bengie Molina reached on fielder's choice to shortstop (Grounder). Randy Winn out at second.0.520.765.3 %.0130.76
6/22S Holm3-T0__30-5Steve Holm struck out swinging.0.261.416.0 %.0130.48
6/22E Burriss5-T0___3-6Emmanuel Burriss grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.460.4915.7 %.0120.23
8/20S Choo8-B21238-5Shin-Soo Choo grounded out to second (Grounder).0.370.802.7 %.0090.80
6/22A Rowand4-T0___2-6Aaron Rowand lined out to second (Liner).0.340.4911.7 %.0090.23
6/15M Reynolds9-B11__3-8Mark Reynolds struck out swinging.0.230.5599.2 %.0060.31
6/15O Hudson9-B0___3-8Orlando Hudson struck out swinging.0.220.5399.1 %.0050.25
6/8R Cano8-B01__6-3Robinson Cano reached on fielder's choice to first (Grounder). Jorge Posada out at second.0.180.932.4 %.0040.38
6/8M Cabrera8-B11__6-3Melky Cabrera struck out swinging.0.160.562.9 %.0040.31
6/8J Damon8-B21__6-3Johnny Damon grounded out to second (Grounder). %.0030.25
6/15C Young9-B2_2_3-8Chris Young flied out to second (Fly).0.070.3499.8 %.0020.34
8/30J Larish8-B11__3-12Jeff Larish flied out to third (Fly).0.020.6199.9 %.0010.34
8/30R Santiago8-B0___3-12Ramon Santiago struck out looking.0.020.6199.8 %.0010.28
9/5V Martinez9-T11__3-8Victor Martinez flied out to right (Fliner (Liner)).0.030.510.6 %.0010.29
6/14C Tracy8-B0___3-12Chad Tracy grounded out to first (Grounder).0.020.5399.9 %.0010.25
9/5D Dellucci9-T0___3-8David Dellucci grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.020.490.6 %.0010.23
9/5F Gutierrez9-T21_33-9Franklin Gutierrez flied out to center (Fly).0.020.490.2 %.0010.49
8/25M Young9-T2_2_3-9Michael Young flied out to right (Fly).0.020.320.2 %.0000.32
9/12K Shoppach7-B0___9-2Kelly Shoppach struck out swinging.0.020.540.4 %.0000.25
8/17X Nady6-B0___11-3Xavier Nady flied out to center (Fly).0.020.540.4 %.0000.25
9/12R Garko7-B1___9-2Ryan Garko grounded out to second (Grounder). %.0000.17
8/17R Cano6-B1___11-3Robinson Cano struck out swinging. %.0000.17
6/14A Ojeda8-B1___3-12Augie Ojeda grounded out to second (Grounder).0.010.2899.9 %.0000.17
8/30M Thames8-B21__3-12Marcus Thames struck out looking.0.010.2799.9 %.0000.27
8/17J Molina6-B2___11-3Jose Molina grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.0000.11
8/25G Laird9-T0___3-9Gerald Laird flied out to first (Fly).0.010.490.2 %.0000.23
8/25C Davis9-T1___3-9Chris Davis struck out swinging. %.0000.16
8/17B Gardner7-B0___11-3Brett Gardner grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.010.540.2 %.0000.25
9/12J Carroll7-B2_2_11-2Jamey Carroll grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.000.340.1 %.0000.34
8/17J Damon7-B1___11-3Johnny Damon struck out swinging. %.0000.17
8/17R Cano8-B0___15-4Robinson Cano grounded out to first (Grounder).0.000.540.0 %.0000.25
6/14M Montero8-B2___3-12Miguel Montero flied out to third (Fly).0.000.11100.0 %.0000.11
8/17J Molina8-B1___15-4Jose Molina flied out to left (Fly). %.0000.17
8/17J Damon8-B21__15-4Johnny Damon flied out to left (Fly). %.0000.25
8/17C Ransom7-B21__15-3Cody Ransom homered (Fly). Alex Rodriguez scored. %.000-1.87
8/17X Nady7-B2___15-3Xavier Nady grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0000.11
8/17B Gardner8-B2___15-4Brett Gardner singled to shortstop (Grounder). %.000-0.13
8/17D Jeter7-B2___11-3Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch. %.000-0.13
9/12G Sizemore7-B2___11-2Grady Sizemore doubled to center (Fliner (Liner)). %.000-0.23
6/15C Jackson9-B21__3-8Conor Jackson advanced on defensive indifference to 2B.0.060.2499.8 %.000-0.09
8/25J Arias9-T2___3-9Joaquin Arias doubled to left (Liner). %.000-0.22
9/12F Gutierrez7-B2___9-2Franklin Gutierrez doubled to left (Fliner (Liner)). %.000-0.23
8/17A Rodriguez7-B2_2_13-3Alex Rodriguez singled to left (Liner). Bobby Abreu scored.0.000.340.1 %.000-0.91
9/5S Choo9-T21__3-8Shin-Soo Choo singled to left (Grounder). Jhonny Peralta advanced to 2B. %-.001-0.21
9/5J Peralta9-T1___3-8Jhonny Peralta walked. %-.001-0.26
8/30M Joyce8-B1___3-12Matt Joyce walked.0.010.3399.9 %-.001-0.29
8/17B Abreu7-B21__12-3Bobby Abreu doubled to left (Fliner (Fly)). Derek Jeter scored. %-.001-1.09
8/20K Shoppach8-B2_238-5Kelly Shoppach walked.0.270.632.8 %-.001-0.17
9/12A Cabrera7-B2_2_11-2Asdrubal Cabrera homered (Fly). Franklin Gutierrez scored.0.020.340.4 %-.003-1.77
6/22F Lewis3-T2__30-5Fred Lewis walked.0.420.369.1 %-.003-0.14
6/22R Winn2-T21__0-5Randy Winn advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.260.2311.1 %-.004-0.09
9/5R Garko9-T212_3-9Ryan Garko singled to right (Grounder). Jhonny Peralta scored. Shin-Soo Choo advanced to 3B.0.050.430.6 %-.004-1.06
6/8J Posada8-B0___6-3Jorge Posada walked.0.120.542.9 %-.004-0.39
6/22A Rowand2-T2_2_0-5Aaron Rowand singled to first (Fly). Randy Winn advanced to 3B.0.390.3210.7 %-.005-0.17
6/15C Jackson9-B1___3-8Conor Jackson singled to right (Fly).0.090.2899.7 %-.005-0.27
6/22R Durham3-T21_30-5Ray Durham walked. Fred Lewis advanced to 2B.0.520.498.8 %-.006-0.27
6/22J Bowker4-T1___2-6John Bowker singled to left (Liner).0.250.2612.6 %-.009-0.26
6/22B Molina2-T11_30-5Bengie Molina hit a sacrifice fly to right (Fliner (Fly)). Ray Durham scored.0.831.1812.1 %-.010-0.05
6/22J Castillo3-T0_2_0-5Jose Castillo advanced on a wild pitch to 3B.0.321.117.1 %-.010-0.30
6/22J Castillo4-T11__2-6Jose Castillo singled to center (Fly). John Bowker advanced to 2B.0.440.5111.6 %-.013-0.39
6/22J Castillo3-T0___0-5Jose Castillo doubled to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.250.498.9 %-.018-0.62
6/22F Lewis5-T1___3-6Fred Lewis doubled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.340.2616.8 %-.022-0.41
6/22R Durham5-T1_2_3-6Ray Durham singled to second (Grounder). Fred Lewis advanced to 3B.0.650.6714.6 %-.025-0.50
6/22R Winn3-T21230-6Randy Winn walked. Jose Castillo scored. Fred Lewis advanced to 3B. Ray Durham advanced to 2B.0.790.768.3 %-.030-1.00
6/22R Winn5-T11_33-7Randy Winn singled to left (Grounder). Fred Lewis scored. Ray Durham advanced to 2B.0.991.1812.1 %-.035-0.73
6/11R Vazquez7-T0___5-1Ramon Vazquez tripled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.580.4994.5 %-.047-0.92
8/16R Cano13-B1___2-2Robinson Cano singled to right (Liner).1.860.2941.5 %-.055-0.27
6/11M Young7-T0_2_5-2Michael Young walked.1.511.1184.1 %-.056-0.37
6/11I Kinsler7-T0__35-2Ian Kinsler reached on error to shortstop (Grounder). Ramon Vazquez scored on error. Ian Kinsler advanced to 2B. Error by Mike Aviles.1.011.4189.8 %-.057-0.70
8/16B Gardner13-B2_2_3-2Brett Gardner singled to left (Grounder). Robinson Cano scored.3.870.3438.9 %-.389-0.91