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Kyle McClellan
Birthdate: 6/12/1984 (30 y, 2 m, 21 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-2/215     Position: P
Drafted: 2002 June Amateur Draft - Round: 25, Pick: 204, Overall: 762, Team: St. Louis Cardinals
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RotoWire News: McClellan was outrighted to Double-A Frisco on Friday. (7/5/2013)

6/9A Lind7-B212_4-5Adam Lind grounded out to first (Grounder).3.610.4664.6 %.0940.46
6/11M Reynolds5-T11230-4Mark Reynolds grounded into a double play to third (Grounder). Carlos Santana out at second.0.781.536.4 %.0461.53
6/11M Aviles6-T1__30-4Mike Aviles flied out to second (Fly).0.430.925.8 %.0180.57
6/11R Raburn7-T1__30-4Ryan Raburn lined out to third (Liner).0.330.924.0 %.0140.57
6/11D Stubbs6-T2__30-4Drew Stubbs flied out to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.420.357.6 %.0110.35
6/29Z Cozart11-T11__4-6Zack Cozart lined out to third (Liner).0.360.506.9 %.0090.28
6/19S Smith8-T11__9-4Seth Smith flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.300.5098.4 %.0070.28
6/29J Votto11-T21__4-6Joey Votto flied out to right (Fly). %.0070.22
6/13C Rasmus9-T0___1-3Colby Rasmus struck out swinging.0.270.476.9 %.0070.22
6/29D Robinson11-T0___4-6Derrick Robinson grounded out to second (Grounder).0.270.476.9 %.0070.22
6/19B Moss8-T0_2_9-3Brandon Moss flied out to center (Fly). Yoenis Cespedes advanced to 3B.0.251.0898.5 %.0060.16
6/13M Izturis9-T1___1-3Maicer Izturis flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)). %.0050.15
6/19J Reddick8-T21__9-4Josh Reddick flied out to right (Fliner (Fly)).0.130.2299.2 %.0040.22
6/13J Arencibia9-T2___1-3J.P. Arencibia grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0040.10
6/19J Jaso9-T0___9-4John Jaso grounded out to first (Grounder).0.150.4799.5 %.0040.22
6/11Y Gomes6-T0_2_0-4Yan Gomes grounded out to first (Grounder). Michael Brantley advanced to 3B.0.311.085.6 %.0020.16
6/19E Sogard9-T1___9-4Eric Sogard flied out to center (Fly).0.070.2599.8 %.0020.15
6/11C Santana7-T2___0-5Carlos Santana grounded out to second (Grounder). %.0010.10
6/11N Swisher7-T0_2_0-4Nick Swisher grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). Jason Kipnis advanced to 3B. %.0010.16
6/16M DeRosa7-T0___0-7Mark DeRosa grounded out to third (Grounder).0.030.470.7 %.0010.22
6/14J Arencibia8-T2_2_0-7J.P. Arencibia struck out looking.0.020.310.3 %.0010.31
6/16R Davis7-T1___0-7Rajai Davis grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0000.15
6/16C Rasmus7-T2___0-7Colby Rasmus struck out swinging. %.0000.10
6/19C Young9-T2___9-4Chris Young flied out to second (Fliner (Fly)).0.020.10100.0 %.0000.10
6/14J Bautista9-T2___0-8Jose Bautista flied out to center (Fly). %.0000.10
6/14E Bonifacio9-T0___0-7Emilio Bonifacio flied out to center (Fly).0.010.470.1 %.0000.22
6/14R Davis9-T1__30-8Rajai Davis hit a sacrifice fly to left (Fly). Munenori Kawasaki scored.0.010.920.1 %.000-0.18
6/14M Kawasaki9-T1___0-7Munenori Kawasaki tripled to right (Fliner (Fly)). %.000-0.67
6/16E Encarnacion7-T0_2_0-4Edwin Encarnacion walked. %-.004-0.36
6/11J Kipnis7-T01__0-4Jason Kipnis advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.280.844.5 %-.006-0.24
6/19J Donaldson8-T1__39-4Josh Donaldson singled to left (Liner). Yoenis Cespedes scored.0.170.9299.1 %-.007-0.58
6/11J Kipnis7-T0___0-4Jason Kipnis walked.0.190.475.2 %-.007-0.37
6/29S Choo11-T1___4-6Shin-Soo Choo walked. %-.007-0.25
6/19Y Cespedes8-T0___9-3Yoenis Cespedes doubled to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.130.4799.3 %-.008-0.61
6/11M Brantley6-T01__0-4Michael Brantley advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.380.846.4 %-.008-0.24
6/11M Brantley6-T0___0-4Michael Brantley walked.0.240.477.3 %-.009-0.37
6/11J Kipnis7-T2__30-5Jason Kipnis advanced on a wild pitch to score.0.320.355.4 %-.022-0.75
6/9J Bautista7-B2___4-5Jose Bautista singled to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.950.1171.5 %-.028-0.13
6/16A Lind7-T012_0-7Adam Lind homered (Fly). Jose Bautista scored. Edwin Encarnacion scored.0.341.443.5 %-.028-2.04
6/16J Bautista7-T0_2_0-4Jose Bautista singled to center (Fliner (Liner)). Emilio Bonifacio scored. Jose Bautista advanced to 2B.0.421.087.3 %-.034-1.00
6/9E Encarnacion7-B21__4-5Edwin Encarnacion walked. Jose Bautista advanced to 2B.1.830.2468.7 %-.042-0.21
6/29T Frazier11-T0___4-4Todd Frazier was hit by a pitch.2.280.4750.0 %-.082-0.37
6/29D Mesoraco11-T01__4-6Devin Mesoraco homered (Fly). Todd Frazier scored.3.460.8441.8 %-.349-1.63