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Justin De Fratus
Birthdate: 10/21/1987 (27 y, 6 m, 5 d)     Bats/Throws: B/R     Height/Weight: 6-4/225     Position: P
Drafted: 2007 June Amateur Draft - Round: 11, Pick: 19, Overall: 353, Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Contract: $0.5M / 1 Years (2014)
RotoWire News: De Fratus allowed three earned runs on four hits in two innings against the Marlins on Thursday. (4/23/2015)

4/19D Span6-B2__33-0Denard Span grounded out to first (Grounder).0.450.337.7 %.0120.33
4/12R Zimmerman10-T1___2-3Ryan Zimmerman grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.400.2215.6 %.0090.13
4/19S Strasburg6-B1_2_3-0Stephen Strasburg grounded out to second (Grounder). Dan Uggla advanced to 3B.0.370.636.9 %.0080.30
4/14T d'Arnaud8-B212_6-4Travis d'Arnaud struck out swinging.0.350.384.9 %.0080.38
4/9A Craig7-T212_2-6Allen Craig struck out swinging.0.290.394.5 %.0070.39
4/14K Nieuwenhuis8-B1_2_6-4Kirk Nieuwenhuis flied out to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.260.594.3 %.0070.31
4/14L Duda8-B01__6-4Lucas Duda struck out looking.0.290.754.1 %.0060.32
4/19D Espinosa6-B0___3-0Danny Espinosa grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.260.447.5 %.0060.21
4/12I Desmond10-T21__2-4Ian Desmond reached on fielder's choice to third (Grounder). Wilson Ramos out at second. %.0060.20
4/9D Pedroia6-T0___2-6Dustin Pedroia struck out swinging.0.190.426.3 %.0050.20
4/9P Sandoval7-T0___2-6Pablo Sandoval struck out swinging.0.150.424.4 %.0040.20
4/9D Ortiz6-T1___2-6David Ortiz struck out swinging. %.0030.13
4/15E Campbell6-B212_6-1Eric Campbell grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.120.381.8 %.0030.38
4/15C Granderson6-B0___5-1Curtis Granderson struck out looking.0.110.393.5 %.0030.19
4/23D Phelps6-T01__0-4David Phelps sacrificed to catcher (Bunt Grounder). Adeiny Hechavarria advanced to 2B.0.330.785.5 %.0030.17
4/9S Victorino7-T1___2-6Shane Victorino grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0030.13
4/6R Hanigan8-T21__0-4Ryan Hanigan grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.0020.20
4/9H Ramirez6-T2___2-6Hanley Ramirez flied out to left (Fly). %.0020.08
4/15M Cuddyer6-B1_2_6-1Michael Cuddyer flied out to center (Fly).0.090.591.6 %.0020.31
4/6P Sandoval8-T0___0-4Pablo Sandoval grounded out to second (Grounder).0.100.422.7 %.0020.20
4/22G Stanton8-T2_2_1-6Giancarlo Stanton struck out swinging. %.0020.29
4/6S Victorino8-T1___0-4Shane Victorino grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0020.13
4/23J Saltalamacchia7-T01__0-8Jarrod Saltalamacchia grounded into a double play to first (Grounder). Ichiro Suzuki out at second.0.020.780.2 %.0010.70
4/23D Phelps7-T21__0-8David Phelps struck out swinging. %.0000.20
4/23M Morse6-T1___0-8Michael Morse struck out looking. %.0000.13
4/23M Ozuna6-T2___0-8Marcell Ozuna struck out swinging. %.0000.08
4/23A Hechavarria7-T2___0-8Adeiny Hechavarria singled to second (Grounder). %.000-0.11
4/23I Suzuki7-T0___0-8Ichiro Suzuki singled to left (Grounder).0.010.420.3 %.000-0.36
4/15D Murphy6-B2_2_6-1Daniel Murphy was intentionally walked. %.000-0.10
4/14D Murphy8-B2_2_6-4Daniel Murphy was intentionally walked. %-.001-0.10
4/6X Bogaerts8-T2___0-4Xander Bogaerts walked. %-.001-0.11
4/9R Hanigan7-T2___2-6Ryan Hanigan walked. %-.002-0.11
4/23D Gordon6-T1_2_0-4Dee Gordon reached on error to shortstop (Grounder). Error by Andres Blanco.0.290.615.7 %-.003-0.21
4/15T d'Arnaud6-B1___5-1Travis d'Arnaud walked. %-.003-0.23
4/9X Bogaerts7-T21__2-6Xander Bogaerts singled to center (Grounder). Ryan Hanigan advanced to 2B. %-.003-0.20
4/14D Wright8-B11__6-4David Wright advanced on a stolen base to 2B.0.230.434.7 %-.005-0.16
4/19D Uggla6-B11__3-0Dan Uggla advanced on a wild pitch to 2B.0.330.477.5 %-.006-0.16
4/19D Uggla6-B1___3-0Dan Uggla singled to right (Grounder). %-.007-0.24
4/14D Wright8-B0___6-4David Wright singled to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.170.394.8 %-.007-0.36
4/23A Hechavarria6-T0___0-4Adeiny Hechavarria walked.0.190.426.3 %-.008-0.36
4/23G Stanton6-T1_2_0-8Giancarlo Stanton homered (Fliner (Liner)). Martin Prado scored.0.090.611.6 %-.011-1.60
4/22M Prado8-T2__31-6Martin Prado doubled to left (Grounder). Dee Gordon scored.0.170.322.7 %-.014-0.96
4/12C Robinson10-T2___2-3Clint Robinson doubled to center (Fliner (Fly)).0.280.0816.5 %-.016-0.20
4/15L Duda6-B11__6-1Lucas Duda doubled to left (Fliner (Liner)). Travis d'Arnaud scored.0.150.433.4 %-.019-1.16
4/23M Prado6-T112_0-6Martin Prado doubled to right (Fliner (Liner)). Adeiny Hechavarria scored. Dee Gordon scored.0.430.825.4 %-.038-1.79
4/12W Ramos10-T2_2_2-4Wilson Ramos singled to left (Liner). Clint Robinson scored.0.840.2914.9 %-.082-0.91
4/12Y Escobar10-T1__32-3Yunel Escobar advanced on a wild pitch to score.4.750.8831.7 %-.162-0.34