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Mitch Stetter
Birthdate: 1/16/1981 (33 y, 9 m, 5 d)     Bats/Throws: L/L     Height/Weight: 6-4/212     Position: P
Drafted: 2003 June Amateur Draft - Round: 16, Pick: 2, Overall: 459, Team: Milwaukee Brewers
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RotoWire News: Stetter announced his retirement Monday. (2/11/2014)

4/15L Nix9-B0___3-3Laynce Nix struck out swinging.2.180.4337.7 %.0530.21
4/18R Howard10-B0___3-3Ryan Howard flied out to right (Fly).2.170.4237.9 %.0520.20
4/7F Freeman7-T0___3-2Freddie Freeman struck out swinging.1.730.4870.0 %.0430.23
4/18B Francisco10-B1___3-3Ben Francisco grounded out to third (Grounder).1.640.2243.1 %.0390.13
4/7M Young7-T1___3-2Matt Young flied out to left (Fly).1.240.2674.3 %.0300.16
4/18R Ibanez10-B2___3-3Raul Ibanez struck out swinging.1.240.0947.0 %.0300.09
4/3J Bruce6-B1_238-3Jay Bruce flied out to shortstop (Fly).0.171.431.7 %.0090.81
4/29M Bourn8-B0___0-5Michael Bourn struck out looking.0.340.5197.9 %.0080.24
5/14X Paul8-T11__7-2Xavier Paul flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)).0.310.5198.4 %.0080.29
5/14P Alvarez8-T0___7-2Pedro Alvarez struck out swinging.0.260.4898.4 %.0060.23
4/23M Bourn10-T2_2_6-9Michael Bourn struck out swinging.0.190.323.3 %.0050.31
4/13L Overbay9-B0___0-6Lyle Overbay flied out to left (Fly).0.060.4499.8 %.0010.21
5/4F Freeman6-B212_6-0Freddie Freeman fouled out to third (Fly).0.060.390.9 %.0010.39
4/17A Cora6-B1___7-2Alex Cora flied out to shortstop (Fliner (Fly)). %.0010.14
4/17J Marquis6-B2___7-2Jason Marquis flied out to center (Fly). %.0010.09
5/4D Uggla6-B21__8-2Dan Uggla struck out swinging. %.0010.19
4/13M Diaz9-B1___0-6Matt Diaz flied out to right (Fly).0.030.2399.9 %.0010.14
4/3P Janish6-B2___11-3Paul Janish flied out to left (Fliner (Liner)). %.0000.11
4/13P Alvarez9-B2___0-6Pedro Alvarez flied out to right (Fliner (Fly)).0.010.09100.0 %.0000.09
4/27J Bruce6-T012_4-4Jay Bruce sacrificed to third (Bunt Grounder). Edgar Renteria advanced to 3B. Drew Stubbs advanced to 2B.2.651.4736.9 %.0000.08
5/4J Heyward6-B1_235-2Jason Heyward was hit by a pitch.0.441.314.6 %-.001-0.15
4/3J Gomes6-B11_38-3Jonny Gomes advanced on a stolen base to 2B. %-.002-0.22
5/4B McCann6-B11_38-2Brian McCann hit a sacrifice fly to right (Fliner (Fly)). Jason Heyward scored. %-.003-0.09
5/14R Cedeno8-T1___7-2Ronny Cedeno singled to right (Fliner (Fly)).0.130.2699.1 %-.007-0.25
5/14L Overbay8-T0___7-2Lyle Overbay homered (Fly).0.130.4899.3 %-.008-1.00
4/20R Howard8-B2___4-3Ryan Howard doubled to left (Fliner (Fly)).0.230.0913.8 %-.013-0.20
4/3R Hanigan6-B2_2311-3Ryan Hanigan homered (Fliner (Fly)). Joey Votto scored. Jonny Gomes scored.0.220.622.6 %-.022-2.49
5/10J Cantu8-T21__8-5Jorge Cantu singled to center (Liner). Chase Headley advanced to 2B.0.580.2295.7 %-.022-0.20
4/10C Pena7-T1_2_4-4Carlos Pena walked.2.180.6746.4 %-.026-0.23
5/4C Jones6-B11237-2Chipper Jones singled to center (Fliner (Liner)). Brooks Conrad scored. Martin Prado scored. Jason Heyward advanced to 3B.0.681.464.6 %-.033-1.64
5/4N McLouth6-B11235-2Martin Prado advanced on a wild pitch to 2B. Nate McLouth scored. Brooks Conrad advanced to 3B.1.241.468.6 %-.040-0.85
5/11B Hawpe8-T0___6-5Brad Hawpe singled to right (Grounder).2.150.4875.3 %-.088-0.38
4/27J Votto6-T1_234-5Joey Votto singled to right (Liner). Edgar Renteria scored. Drew Stubbs advanced to 3B.2.321.3936.8 %-.109-0.78