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Connor Robertson
Birthdate: 9/10/1981 (33 y, 2 m, 17 d)     Bats/Throws: R/R     Height/Weight: 6-2/220     Position: P
Drafted: 2004 June Amateur Draft - Round: 31, Pick: 26, Overall: 937, Team: Oakland Athletics
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7/11S Victorino11-B212_5-5Shane Victorino grounded out to second (Grounder).4.390.4538.7 %.1130.45
7/11M Cervenak11-B11__5-5Mike Cervenak flied out to left (Fliner (Fly)).2.940.5436.3 %.0720.30
7/11C Utley11-B0___5-5Chase Utley grounded out to second (Grounder).2.280.5235.9 %.0580.24
7/18A Ethier11-T212_7-8Andre Ethier grounded out to first (Grounder).1.320.4617.7 %.0350.46
7/18M Kemp11-T112_7-8Matt Kemp flied out to center (Fly).1.400.9514.4 %.0320.49
7/1G Kapler7-T1_2_5-7Gabe Kapler grounded out to shortstop (Grounder).0.880.7117.6 %.0250.37
7/1C Counsell6-T0___5-7Craig Counsell flied out to second (Fliner (Fly)).0.690.5322.6 %.0180.25
7/1R Braun7-T0___5-7Ryan Braun grounded out to catcher (Bunt Grounder).0.640.5319.0 %.0170.25
7/11C Coste12-B01__5-5Chris Coste sacrificed to pitcher (Bunt Grounder). So Taguchi advanced to 2B.3.180.9128.6 %.0140.21
7/1J Dillon6-T1___5-7Joe Dillon flied out to right (Fliner (Liner)).0.520.2824.4 %.0130.17
7/1J Hardy6-T2___5-7J.J. Hardy flied out to center (Fly).0.350.1125.7 %.0090.11
7/1M Rivera5-T0___3-7Mike Rivera flied out to center (Fly).0.330.5310.8 %.0090.25
7/1B Hall5-T1___3-7Bill Hall flied out to right (Fly).0.250.2811.7 %.0060.17
7/1J Kendall5-T2___3-7Jason Kendall struck out swinging.0.170.1112.3 %.0050.11
7/1G Kapler4-T21__1-7Gabe Kapler grounded out to third (Grounder). %.0050.24
7/9F Lopez6-B21__5-0Felipe Lopez flied out to left (Fly). %.0030.23
7/3M Cameron8-T0___0-5Mike Cameron lined out to shortstop (Liner).0.070.531.9 %.0020.25
7/3J Kendall8-T1___0-5Jason Kendall grounded out to shortstop (Grounder). %.0010.17
7/3C Counsell8-T2___0-5Craig Counsell flied out to left (Fly). %.0010.11
7/13C Ruiz8-B1___6-2Carlos Ruiz struck out swinging. %.0010.17
7/13E Bruntlett8-B2___6-2Eric Bruntlett fouled out to first (Fly). %.0010.11
7/9W Harris6-B2___5-0Willie Harris walked. %-.001-0.13
7/11J Rollins12-B1_2_5-5Jimmy Rollins was intentionally walked.3.170.6929.9 %-.010-0.24
7/18A Berroa11-T11__7-8Angel Berroa was hit by a pitch. Blake DeWitt advanced to 2B.0.910.5516.9 %-.025-0.39
7/1C Hart7-T1___5-7Corey Hart doubled to center (Fliner (Liner)).0.490.2820.6 %-.031-0.42
7/11P Feliz11-B21__5-5Pedro Feliz singled to right (Grounder). Ryan Howard advanced to 2B.2.320.2443.5 %-.048-0.21
7/11R Howard11-B1___5-5Ryan Howard singled to center (Liner).1.830.2741.8 %-.055-0.26
7/11S Taguchi12-B0___5-5So Taguchi singled to left (Liner).2.280.5235.9 %-.074-0.39
7/1M Rivera7-T2_2_5-8Mike Rivera doubled to right (Fliner (Liner)). Corey Hart scored.0.900.3420.1 %-.084-1.00
7/9K Casto6-B212_2-0Kory Casto doubled to right (Fliner (Liner)). Dmitri Young scored. Paul Lo Duca advanced to 3B.1.580.4426.6 %-.117-1.17
7/9J Flores6-B2_235-0Jesus Flores homered (Fliner (Liner)). Paul Lo Duca scored. Kory Casto scored.1.140.6114.9 %-.119-2.50
7/11J Werth12-B112_6-5Jayson Werth singled to right (Liner). So Taguchi scored. Jimmy Rollins advanced to 2B.4.290.9329.0 %-.290-1.00