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After a terrible 2009 season, Chris Davis’ stock is at an all-time low. But we must ask ourselves, is this a fair valuation?

The latest in the business of baseball.

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These 29 have the right markings.

When second best is more than good enough.

A look at a few pitchers who could have positive fantasy impacts in 2009 despite unimpressive strikeout totals.

Novel thoughts about 2010 in wrapped in a stale gimmick of a column theme.

What two players had the best BB/K rate among shortstops in 2009?

For the third straight year, Chris predicts what the results of the BBWAA election will be.

Happy New Year!!! Thanks to all the readers of THT Fantasy and Waiver Wire. This week, the Graphical Player concept of “Sentiment” is discussed, along with even more Yankees (Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson) and reader request J.P. Howell (and Soriano as well).

Happy New Year from Waiver Wire! On the first day of 2010, we’ll look at “Where Did They Come From?” guys Garrett Jones and Randy Wells, “Where Did He Go?” Stephen Drew, and “When Will He Get Here?” Tim Alderson.