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In the middle of this year’s playoffs, the first of the new format, Richard looks back on which teams were most dominant during the days of just one wild card

A look at how both the Cardinals and the Giants have built successful teams.

The MVP discussion is weird. Aren’t the numbers guys supposed to be the ones ignoring defense and base running?

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We take a look at the four most interesting individual seasons of the year and chronicle some career milestones.

In the case of Tim Lincecum, yes.

The most exciting LCS games and series, from a certain point of view

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Further refining an effort to re-weight FIP.

Rendon, Hamilton and others offer new mysteries.

Who were the season’s luckiest and unluckiest pitchers. Also, an unsophisticated look at some trends in run scoring.

Michael A. Stein of Fantasy Judgment discusses a recent case where a league’s championship was in question due to an alleged discrepancy in statistics provided by CBS at the end of the MLB regular season.

A look back at the year that was.

From spring training to San Diego: The circle closes