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…and other thoughts from the recent SABR Analytics Conference.

The Reds are good. Also, Aroldis Chapman’s fastball, and maybe that Billy Hamilton kid.

The Rockies probably can’t scale the mountain in 2013, but they can map a route for later

They should be at least as good as last year.

An explanation from the source.

The answers all start with “it’s getting better, but …”

Who got more umpires in games of the 1900s, and why that might matter today

The first endgame recommendation comes in the form of a lifetime whiffer in a pitcher’s park: or, “Say whaaa?”

Bautista, Lind and Lawrie are all crucial to their success.

More players on the fantasy fringe to watch

The D-backs can be competitive this season, but with a more effective offseason plan, they could have been better.

The Tigers have a big hole and a top prospect to trade to fill it, but a trade partner could prove difficult to find during spring training.

After an underwhelming offseason, the outlook isn’t as rosy as a year ago.

The Rays took some big gambles in the offseason.

A look at the newly released book about betting on baseball.

Knowing where to find value in a pinch can make or break a season

New hitters aim for new fences.

Another year full of platoons and strong pitching should have the A’s near the top of the AL West for the second year in a row.

His is a story of hard hitting, hard drinking, and legitimate concern.