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A look at how swing rates are affected by base state, outs, and inning.

Busy times for streaming

A different way to evaluate pitchers.

It’s no secret he’s a pull hitter.

The inaugural Roto Grotto examines how context can inform your decision-making in fantasy trades.

The 1930s were a decade known for The Great Depression—but did that mean that the talent was in a slump as well?

It’s another weather day

A certain pitcher reached a round number and Joey Votto gives us something new to track.

The space at the top of this column is generally reserved for something topical about what’s happening in baseball at the moment, usually with a handful of my trademark stupid jokes™ peppered in. But I’m not going to do that today, because my city was attacked Monday. My city? No, that’s not good enough. My […]

Most people know Josh as a replacement-level pitcher. But could he be more?

Boston’s new base-running strategy.

Avoiding some common strategic pitfalls when dealing with a detrimental injury

A few options but not the deepest of days.

April 15, 2013 will not be forgotten.

Every event big and small has an impact on the season.

A week’s RBI totals lead to an unlikely pairing. Also, Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are good at baseball.

A look at where last year’s top picks have been placed this season.

Tomorrow is another gorgeous day for hitter streaming

The Yankees’ home run champion you’ve never heard of.

Continuing where Chris left off after last week’s article on NL teams