Apples and Oranges

Jorge Costales and I may disagree about the Marlins Stadium deal, but unlike me, he doesn’t just sit back and lazily rely on his philosophical disposition to make his case. He actually, you know, knows what the hell he’s talking about. Great evidence of that can be found in this post from Friday, when he eviscerates the Miami Herald for misleading its readers into believing that the Marlins’ proposed deal is way worse than that given to the Yankees and Mets.

Costales isn’t deluded into thinking that the Marlins deal is fantabulous for Miami taxpayers, and understands that the Mets and Yankees have a much better shot of making investments in their stadiums worth their while, but he is rightfully tired of the apples and oranges comparisons stadium detractors are employing. My view: any significantly visible expenditure of public money is going to lead to these kinds of shell games, both pro and con, so let’s be critical of whatever anyone is saying about the money.

(thanks to Pete Toms)

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