Around the Majors: World Champion Redsox

1) Yesterday’s score–

Redsox 3, Cardinals 0 (REDSOX WIN THE SERIES, 4-0)

2) Yesterday’s HRs–

Johnny Damon

3) The Orioles re-signed 1B Rafael Palmeiro to a 1 year, $3 million contract. He would have been a free agent and the team plans on using his as the DH in 2005.

After 41 RCAA/.962 OPS and 18 RCAA/.867 OPS seasons, Palmeiro hit .436 SLG, .359 OBA, .796 OPS, 2 RCAA in 154 games. He has a .889 career OPS, compared to his league average of .754, and 564 RCAA in 2721 games.

4) Dodgers 3B Adrian Beltre, who will become a free agent, will have surgery today to remove bone spurs from his left ankle and he’s expected to be ready for spring training.

After -8 RCAA/.729 OPS and -14 RCAA/.714 OPS seasons, Beltre hit .629 SLG, .388 OBA, 1.017 OPS, 64 RCAA in 156 games. He has a .794 career OPS, compared to his league average of .779, and 44 RCAA in 966 games.

5) Dodgers P Darren Dreifort had reconstructive knee surgery earlier in the week.

It’s at least his sixth knee surgery, he’s also had Tommy John surgery twice and was also still recovering from reconstructive hip surgery, which he had in September. He’s expected to miss the entire 2005 season.

After missing 2002 and making only 10 starts in 2003, Dreifort had a 4.44 ERA/-2 RSAA in 60 games. He has a 4.36 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.41, and -26 RSAA in 274 games.

6) Bob Watson says he does not want to become the next GM of the Washington ????’s. Previously, MLB’s President Bob DuPuy had confirmed a report that Watson was the leading candidate.

7) The charges against Rangers P Frank Francisco, for his chair throwing incident, were dropped from felony to misdemeanor. He’ll no longer face deportation, if convicted.

Francisco had a 3.33 ERA/10 RSAA in his first 45 career games.

8) The Brewers re-signed INF Matt Erickson to a minor league contract.

Erickson was 1 for 6, with -1 RCAA, in his first 4 career games.

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9) According to the Toronto Sun, the BlueJays are trying to trade 3B Eric Hinske to the Reds, so they could pursue Corey Koskie, or maybe Troy Glaus, who will both be free agents.

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