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Stuck in a conference call at work? You need the THT Links!

Questions from Canada dominate this mailbag, as the Hardball Times staff tackles shoulder injuries and the theoretical limit of projection systems.

Hopefully, East Coast workers are still alive despite going the entire work morning without the Links.

Despite Spring Training still weeks away, there is still baseball going on. Also, find out which iconic sporting franchise Tom Hicks is about to run into the ground!

After a one week hiatus, the Mailbag is back to tackle whether switch hitters hit for more power from the left side and Scandinavian baseball fraud.

A lot of great links today, from the first fantasy columns filtering in to great blog entries from Mets Geek, Athletics Nation and Baseball Analysts.

How to win the media battle, the Evil Empire’s latest target and two promising young pitchers who won’t be ready for Spring Training … it’s the THT Links!

The THT Team tackles Mark McGwire’s suspicious two-tiered career, Tim Raines’ Hall of Fame worthiness and much more in the latest mailbag.

How to do your own stats analysis, whether Roger Clemens gifted the Cardinals their playoff spot and our very first op-ed piece.

Changes are afoot at the Hardball Times. Read about them here, along with a look at Jack Morris’ clutchiness, Kenny Williams’ offseason and the ever ubiquitous “more.”

Going into its fourth year of existence, the Hardball Times is looking to expand. Want to help?

A Hall-of-Fame debate, fantasy baseball and sabermetrics. What else could it be?

Who could be next season’s breakout team? Read and find out.

In this week’s mailbag, the THT team tackles relievers becoming starters, J.D. Drew vs. Johnny Damon, and more.

In the first edition of the THT Mailbag, the Hardball Times team tackles tricky arbitration decisions and Manny Ramirez.

The Mets get just enough bounces and bash (sort of) their way to the NLCS.

It’s a battle between the stars and scrubs Cardinals and the balanced Padres. As usual, look for pitching and defense to carry the day.

The Red Sox bumble away an opportunity to gain on the Yankees.

Getting Shawn Green will probably help the team a little, but the move was likely just as much about pleasing the fans as helping the offense.

Fun with numbers and Oakland’s 14-game win streak against the Seattle Mariners.