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Introducing another new member of the THTF team.

A keeper league strategy involving closers and which setup men might be primed to close games in 2009.

A quick update about the goings ons at THT Fantasy.

This week, THTF hosts the Fantasy Baseball Roundtable and asks whether it’s possible to change a potential trading partner’s mind about a player.

A look at the fantasy community’s growing — perceived or otherwise — reliance on single-year statistics.

A look at year-to-year correlations for 25 hitting stats.

Some more discussion on why FIP is a misleading and potentially useless stat for fantasy analysis.

A look at some boom or bust candidates for the second half and which way I think they’ll go.

What to expect from THT Fantasy this week.

A look at whether hitters actually underperform after participating in the Home Run Derby.

A downloadable tool to calculate a simple version of Chris Dutton and Peter Bendix’s xBABIP, plus an announcement for a new project.

A look at the control a hitter has over his own line drive rate.

A look at how fantasy championship dreams could be shattered come July 31 and how to take precautions.

A method for determining whether to bid on a guy like Mark DeRosa or wait for Matt Holliday.

A look at pitchers with normal HR/FB rates who are still misvalued by FIP.

Why FIP shouldn’t be used for fantasy analysis and a look at the players affected most by its flaws.

Why it may be time to buy Jimmy Rollins.

THT Fantasy is hosting this week’s Fantasy Baseball Roundtable, discussing the merits of buying high and selling low.

Digging a little bit deeper on Javier Vazquez, further examining his alleged “bunching” and the damage done by those bunches.

A look at the early season leaders in LIPS ERA. **Updated since first posted**