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James Shields is well paid but he can’t buy a break

Alex Cobb is only one reason this week’s column is packed to the gills. This was also an extreme week in the pitching wins/losses categories.

The Brewers bullpen continues to make things interesting for the starters. And some Jay Bruce stats.

It was a good week to be a young, power-hitting corner outfielder from a National League East team.

One of the worst performances you are likely to see this season in which the pitcher doesn’t get the loss.

A week’s RBI totals lead to an unlikely pairing. Also, Joey Votto and Prince Fielder are good at baseball.

Let’s talk about Carlos.

Obligatory references to the big trade, a disappointing season and the next savior, and some other things to talk after a year stuck in neutral.

The MVP discussion is weird. Aren’t the numbers guys supposed to be the ones ignoring defense and base running?

Who were the season’s luckiest and unluckiest pitchers. Also, an unsophisticated look at some trends in run scoring.

Jim Johnson gets two easy saves while Donnie Veal can’t help but get a hold.

The awards return from a week of vacation to give a nod to a player we had all given up on.

Nationals hitters go crazy for a week.

Adrian Beltre stays hot and the Brewers bullpen keeps blowing leads.

Adrian Beltre is good. Giancarlo Stanton has a decent amount of power. John Axford is having a difficult year. All this and more cutting edge analysis in this week’s awards.

Sure, we know about Felix. What about the other guy?

Recover from your post-Olympics trance and catch up with the weirdness you missed while you were busy watching team handball and rowing.

A certain first baseman who struggled at the start of the season after signing a very lucrative contract had a good week.

The Superfund site known as the Brewers bullpen provides plenty of fodder for the awards this week

Center fielders rule the first half.