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Hideki Matsui. The silencing of several Phillies bats may have contributed as well.

3288 days after their last World Championship, the Yankees take their third crack at No. 27. Here’s why they’ll get it this time.

The Yankees overcame the bitter disappointments of 2002 and 2005 on the way to their record 40th pennant.

How Joba and A-Rod will lead the Yankees back to the World Series.

Or, why the Yankees will more likely than not win, but might not, because it’s the playoffs and they’re like that, you know? There you go.

It was a team failure, but here’s the guys who were the failiest.

Larry gives five reasons the Yankees will finish on top this week.

For the seventh straight year, the Yankees find themselves facing a must-win Game 3 in the ALDS.

The Yankees surged into the playoffs with perhaps the most potent lineup in history, while the Tigers backed into them with the worst final stretch of any postseason team in history. Despite the prime time slotting, this series may be the least appealing of all the playoff matchups. But for the Yankees and Tigers, how they do in the next week means a lot.

Larry looks back at 2006 and Game 1.


Larry shows how the White Sox and Astros are two of the most under-represented teams in the World Series, and how long we might be waiting for the Yankees to win their next title.

After winning Game 1, the Yankees missed a chance to take a commanding 2-0 ALDS lead against the Angels, just like in 2002. The similarities end there, or so says Larry.

Back in the playoffs once again, the Yankees won an important game to start of the ALDS last night. Larry Mahnken shows just how big that was for New York, and how big Game Two is going to be for both teams.

Larry uses some elementary sabermetric concepts to respond to Tony Massarotti’s implication that David Ortiz is getting robbed of MVP consideration this season.

Jason Giambi’s saga continues.

Jason Giambi’s saga continues with the worst year of his life.

He’s the hottest hitter in baseball, the AL Player of the Month for July, and the leading hitter in the American League. He’s no hero, but Jason Giambi’s resurgence is the most impressive thing to happen so far this season.

Didn’t we do this last year? The Yankees are at .500 in mid-April, and looking bad in the process. Is it just another slow start, or an ominous sign of things to come?

Larry takes on the Yankees’ All-Star lineup, the man the Red Sox fear more than any other, and much more in the first installment of a new weekly column about the under-covered Yankees.

Four questions and one statement of incredulity about the Yankees.

Larry’s none too happy with the news that the Yankees might not be pursuing Carlos Beltran, after all.