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For Larry, the steroids scandal isn’t a big deal.

Larry takes one last look at the ALCS

The Red Sox have already completed the greatest comeback in baseball postseason history. Whether they finish the series off is yet to be determined, but even if they don’t come through, they may have finished off the myth of their permanent futility, the Yankees’ invulnerability, and Dan Shaughnessy’s career.

A line drive to center and a long drive to right extended the ALCS another day, and gave the dejected Boston faithful something to cheer about. Can they do it again? And again? And again?

Here’s one Yankees fan who’s tired of the C-word. Larry Mahnken tells us how the Red Sox went down 3-0, and dismisses the easy explanation.

Eventually, every son will rise up and best his father. For Pedro Martinez, last night was not his time, as Jon Lieber exceeded expectations and dominated the Red Sox. Now the question must be asked… is this series over?

What was at first a Yankees blowout and a chance at history turned into a near-miracle comeback, a message that the ALCS is going to be very closely fought, and a very entertaining baseball series.

That you know: now find out why — a wholly objective ALCS Preview.

In a vital game for the Yankees, Kevin Brown gave the Yankees all that they needed and more to beat the Twins. Now the series has swung in the Yankees’ favor, and the entire postseason equation might have shifted a little, too.

The Yankees won in dramatic fashion on Wednesday, but if they don’t win tonight, it’s almost certainly all for naught.

The Yankees had a golden opportunity to beat the most dominant starter in the AL this season … and then another, and another, and another.

Larry shows how last week’s trade between the Dodgers and Marlins has illustrated the divide between sabermetrics and traditional analysis.

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have played some of the most memorable games in baseball history. Many have been more important, but last night’s may have been the most exciting, most improbable game they have ever played. Larry tries to put what he saw last night into words.

Now that ESPN is tracking Productive Outs, Larry takes one last look at the junk stat.

Larry chronicles the dramatic turnaround of Captain Dreamboat, Derek Jeter.

Barry Bonds has been intentionally walked more than any team in baseball this season. Should something be done to stop this incredibly boring (and self-destructive) strategy, and if so, what?

Larry responds to some of your comments about last week’s column. Sorry, nothing from Buster Olney here.

Productive Outs, a new statistic publicized by’s Buster Olney last week, has been touted as a significant part of winning ballgames. Is it a meaningful statistic? Larry takes a look at the last two postseasons, and what he found might surprise you.

The Yankees are 9-11 after 20 games. How the hell did that happen?

Make sure you don’t let all the steroid talk — justified or not — distract you from what Barry Bonds is doing on the field. It’s something you’ve got to see.