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More about Kirk Saarloos than you ever thought you’d know.

Sometimes, you can blast the ball over 400 feet and it won’t even leave the yard. Sometimes, they become home runs anyway.

A look at the home runs of 2006 that didn’t even travel 300 feet!

Pitch sequence matters. Or does it? (Yes, it does.)

Call the police, there’s a madman around—and he’s still trying to find some logic behind option years in player contracts.

In a west end town in a dead end world, Sal takes a look at how one might go about pricing an option year in a contract.

A look at what makes teams more prone to being shut down or shut out.

Ah, runs. No wait, too many! Save some for tomorrow night! Why is it only my team that can’t score consistently?

A look at how Roy Oswalt’s consistent performance may have made him less valuable than Chris Carpenter.

The Tigers win a battle of bullpens to head to the World Series.

The Tigers bullpen puts the A’s on the ropes.

With New York out of the playoffs, the ALCS should bring the focus back onto good old fashioned baseball. A game by game breakdown of this year’s American League Championship Series.

The Twins make critical mistakes as the A’s improve to 1-9 in series clinching games under Billy Beane.