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Is Chase Utley really all alone as the No. 1 second baseman? There have been many improved second basemen, but perhaps Ben Zobrist has been the biggest surprise.

Here are your prospective Cy Young winners for 2009. How do they stack up against each other though?

Plenty of outfielders and first basemen have around 30 homers this year, but what about these new comers to the group.

This was a comparison no one ever saw, but with an extreme jump in homers Aaron Hill has matched Justin Morneau in four of the five fantasy categories.

The relocation of Raul Ibanez to Philadelphia seemed to launch him into a completely new level of play while Andre Ethier also took off in Los Angeles this year.

Gavin Floyd was very lucky in 2008 with an xFIP almost a run above his ERA. His teammate John Danks looked ready to breakout this year. Why have they looked like clones so far?

They couldn’t look less alike, but 2009 has been a mirror season for these power first basemen.

These two third basemen are topping .900 OPS so far this year, but once Michael Young loses short stop next year will they be equal value?

Much like Zach Duke in 2005, J.A. Happ has had a great first 80 plus innings. Will they be similar in his next 80?

Troy Patterson picks his players to target as bargains for the second half.

Ian Stewart has some early signs he might become the next Mark Reynolds and with second base eligibility perhaps a cheap Chase Utley for 2010.

Unable to increase his walk rate Jacoby Ellsbury is dangerously close to being the next Juan Pierre.

If you trust Zach Duke or Nick Blackburn on your staff don’t say we didn’t warn you.