Canseco to fight Bill Simmons

No, not that one. Probably not the second or third most famous Bill Simmons either:

Jose Canseco is hungry for another shot at winning a celebrity boxing bout. Yet he may not be as famished as his next opponent in this bizarre form of sports entertainment, a man who also knows how to dig in at the plate.

It’s the former American League MVP versus Bill (El Wingador) Simmons, a five-time champion of Philadelphia’s famed Wing Bowl. Both have an appetite for victory.

“Hopefully he doesn’t start eating my hand or something,” Canseco said.

I suppose it’s possible this had been in the news earlier than today. Apologies if I’m late to the party. I’ll do my best to stay on top of vital news as it breaks in the future.

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Well, you did beat THAT Bill Simmons to the punch, at least.  And I suppose his readers will now have to refer to him as El Wingador.