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Via Whitlock, who continues to lay waste to Selena Roberts, comes a quote from Roberts herself from last night’s Jim Rome show which pretty much explains why I’ve been writing what I’ve been writing since last Thursday: “You give people a litmus test, Jim . . . You say to them, you go back to […]

My daily spewing about the Roberts-A-Rod book is up over at NBC.

I have another somewhat lengthy piece about the Roberts/A-Rod book up over at CTB.

In light of the Roberts allegations, Major League Baseball is investigating Alex Rodriguez for post-2003 drug use: Major League Baseball is investigating the accuracy of statements by Alex Rodriguez about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to people within baseball who were briefed on the matter. Investigators have contacted several of Rodriguez’s associates to determine […]

Selena Roberts’ allegations about A-Rod tipping pitches to the opposition hinge on the observations of his Ranger teammates. Interesting to note, however, that two of Alex Rodriguez’s teammates with the Rangers are calling the allegations “ridiculous” and “b.s.“: Michael Young played just the other side of second from Alex Rodriguez, so he’d probably notice any […]

This morning I wrote that, while the facts are the facts when it comes to the A-Rod business, and that they will ultimately bear themselves out (or not), we should be mindful of the characterizations and judgments that accompany those facts: Which in some ways illustrates my skepticism about the book. Not about the facts […]

OK, longtime ShysterBall reader Melody (full name: Melody Blass Fisher) would probably smack me for calling her a “girl,” but since the purpose of this post is to promote her most excellent Baseball Chronicle essay, here’s hoping she cuts me some slack. As for the story, if any of you have either (a) been ripped […]

Is Bruce Weber’s book on umpires a hit or is it out?

Who’s No. 1? It’s Strange.

A couple of months ago I told you about the new web venture from Phil Bencomo, the fellow who used to write Cub Town for the now decommissioned Baseball Toaster. It’s called The Baseball Chronicle, which is in the business of publishing themed stories, essays, interviews or reporting about baseball. Well, it’s live now, with […]

Anyone who’s been around here any length of time is well-aware of my man crush on Josh Wilker and Cardboard Gods. I think he’s the best writer going in and around the world of baseball. That’s not a qualification; just an acknowledgment that he’s often not writing about baseball directly. Point is his stuff is […]

Apparently Cito Gaston is livid to find out that, according to Jeff Pearlman’s new book, Roger Clemens had him fired. Jeff Pearlman himself, however, says there’s a slight problem with that: There’s just one problem: I never wrote that. What my book says is that Clemens had a heavy hand in the hiring of Tim […]

Chris’ take on the highly publicized new book by Tom Verducci and Joe Torre

Will Leitch has an excerpt from Jeff Pearlman’s new Roger Clemens book, and it ain’t about Roger Clemens: “There was nothing more obvious than Mike on steroids,” says another major league veteran who played against Piazza for years. “Everyone talked about it, everyone knew it. Guys on my team, guys on the Mets. A lot […]

Otherwise known as the Dickson Baseball Dictionary. Here’s an interview with the author, Paul Dickson.

Jon Weisman is a man who knows how to manage his time. For his day job, he is a features editor for Variety. When he’s pretending to edit features, he blogs about the Dodgers for the Los Angeles Times. On top of that he has three kids, one of whom just had his first birthday […]

This is, um, interesting: The illustrated George Steinbrenner is smiling and robust on the cover of “One Last Time: Goodbye to Yankee Stadium,” the latest Yankees-themed children’s book by Ray Negron, an adviser for the club. Steinbrenner is wearing his familiar white turtleneck and navy sports coat, giving a thumbs-up with his right hand and […]

Jason has 20 questions for author/Facebook addict Jeff Pearlman about his new book “The Rocket that Fell to Earth.” Pearlman is a really direct guy, so there’s a lot of good stuff in there. My favorite part: IIATMS: Does Clemens regret: a. Using? b. His defense? c. Anything? JP: Roger Clemens doesn’t do regret. It […]

I reviewed the new Walter O’Malley biography, “Forever Blue” for the New York Post. The review, to the extent you can call it that when you’re given less than 1000 words, can be found here.

Writer Bruce Weber went to umpire school and has a new book out about it. Sounds good: The conundrum of umpiring is neatly posed by the peculiar rule of the knee-to-shoulder strike zone, which Mr. Weber calls the sole instance of a playing area that is demarcated only in the minds of officials. “The strike […]