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This comes in response to Wednesday’s grouchy mocking of the Todd Stottlemyre-funded Twitter/day-trading venture, As a fan of both Twitter and StockTwits (though I know one of the founders…), I have to step up to defend StockTwits. It’s a bit unfair to condemn it… Twitter, when used properly, becomes an amazingly useful information and […]

Given how the John Moores was able to sell a huge stake in the Padres to Jeff Moorad almost overnight, one wonders why it has taken Sam Zell so long to sell the Cubs. Well, besides the fact that unlike the Padres’ deal, the Cubs sale wasn’t an exercise in Kabuki theater designed to help […]

Two of the more annoying things to come down the pike in the past decade — day traders and Twitter — are now working together, backed in part by a former Major Leaguer: Launched in October, has 30,000 registered users, following stock commentary from 1,000 people who “tweet” every day for the site. They […]

Newsday’s John Jeansonne reports the results of some consumer research which suggests that baseball’s popularity is eroding compared to the other major sports: It’s not just the stupid economy. (Although the Yankees’ 76.3-percent jump in average ticket price amid our Great Recession could have its unpleasant consequences this season.) Major League Baseball, according to the […]

Well, maybe it’s not official yet, but they and the Mets have an official just about everything else: Official Automobile Classified Company: Official Supermarket Retailer: Stop & Shop Official Rail Fare: Amtrak Official Non-Dairy Creamer: Nestlé Coffee-Mate Official Deli Meat: Boar’s Head Official Pudding: Kozy Shack Official Non-Kosher Hot Dog & French Fry: Nathan’s […]

I kind of went hog wild on the franchise devaluation thing around here last week. Some agreed, others felt I (and my pinch hitting friend Ethan) went a bit overboard. Well, let’s throw this bit of news into the pot and see what cooks up: Private equity legend Tom Hicks’ sports team holding company has […]

This is different: The Major League Baseball Players Association on Friday will open its first retail outlet devoted to selling player-only merchandise. The store, which will be inside Citi Field and be operated by Aramark, is an attempt to boost licensing revenue for the union and to promote star players, much as the N.B.A. and […]

TUCK! toons goodness every week!

Following up on deMause’s note about empty seats in Shea, Bob Raissman wonders how a less-than-capacity crowd at Yankee Stadium is going to look to the viewers at home: Ticket talk triggered a memory from long ago – Sept. 22, 1966. The Yankees would finish in 10th place that season and on that day, 413 […]

Every year, lawmakers, chambers of commerce and municipalities in Florida and Arizona go on about just how much of an economic impact spring training has on local economies. On the basis of that impact, they argue for the use of public dollars to construct or improve spring training facilities, and towns practically go to war […]

Yesterday I ran two posts about potential unrest in the Land of the Lords of the Realm. You can read them here and here. Upshot: even billionaire playboys are not immune to the current economic downturn, and in fact they are particularly vulnerable if they either (a) depend on real estate for their fortune or […]

Columnist George Will writes a letter to the editor at Forbes, defending Bud Selig against claims that he was asleep at the switch as far as PEDs were concerned and that he has, overall, been a poor commissioner. Money quote: Steve, serious baseball fans argue about everything–the best hitter, the best World Series, the best […]

The dynamics described in the previous post (i.e. diminishing franchise value freaking owners the hell out) are on display with this news item as well: Padres chairman John Moores will spin the front-office carousel yet again Thursday when the club expects to announce that Jeff Moorad will take over as CEO, with Sandy Alderson stepping […]

No, really: Rangers owner Tom Hicks is attempting to sell a minority share of up to 49 percent of the ballclub he purchased in 1998, he said on Tuesday at the team’s Spring Training complex. Merrill Lynch, the international investment banking firm, which became a unit of Bank of America last year, has been hired […]

That just sounds wrong…

Wait, what? Audi today announced that the brand is now the official luxury vehicle of the New York Yankees. The new relationship also includes the naming of the Audi Yankees Club, an exclusive viewing location and membership restaurant, located on the H&R Block Suite Level in left field. The sponsorship begins with the opening of […]

Doubling back around to look at replacement level one more time.

Every office I’ve ever worked in — and it’s a list that keeps growing longer and longer for some reason — has had a perky person in charge of the United Way fund drive. A couple of times a year they host a “kickoff” meeting at which ice cream and forms to debit money from […]

I never smoked, but I had a lot of friends who did back in high school, and the greatest thing about it was Camel Cash. Little currency-like coupons with Joe Camel’s face on them that, when collected in great numbers, entitled underage smokers everywhere to exchange them for beach towels and cassette players, and squeezy […]