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They’re gone, but we remember these players from their baseball cards.

Come along for a ride back to the beginning of what would become an expected norm.

The subjects of a classic card remind us that good times can be fleeting.

When the mystery man is more famous than the featured player.

The 70s were an interesting time for baseball cards, and for this pitcher in particular.

When was the photo on this card taken? Let’s play detective.

The best of the Bucs — but why no Clemente?

The quirks of a then-new form of baseball card.

Creative combos? Corny cliches? It all depends on how you look at Topps’ alliterative cards.

After begging for a tryout, he overcame a misspent youth to make his name known in the big leagues — and in another sport.

It hasn’t been easy, but he has persevered.

The “other” Dobson had a troubled major league career.

An example of how quickly players can go from famous to anonymous.

He wasn’t the next Mickey Mantle, but Bobby Murcer was a Yankees fan favorite through his varied baseball lives.

Mike Cuellar’s excellent career and off-beat personality made him a fascinating character.

His life before and after give no clue why a well-liked player attacked his manager one spring day.

Ken Brett didn’t have the playing career he was supposed to have, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy every moment of it.

The second baseman was a target for criticism both during and after his career, but did he really deserve it?

Though the cameras usually caught him smiling, Willie Davis’ career wasn’t all chocolates and roses.

Sometimes, a baseball card really says a lot about the player it depicts.