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Last week The New York Times ran an article about how the Republican Party is trying to derail Jim Bunning’s potential 2010 reelection campaign. Seems Bunning has become a cranky loose cannon, and even in the presumably safe state of Kentucky, his record, behavior, and temperament have folks worried that he’ll lose. As all hacky […]

On March 8, 1984, Richard Barbieri was born. He’s unlikely to see any time in the major leagues, but plenty of others born on March 8 have. Richard picks the best of them.

Sean Smith’s historical WAR database allows us to compare the careers of three great catchers: Mike Piazza, Johnny Bench, and Pudge Rodriguez. It’s nearly a dead-heat in career value, with Piazza’s edge in hitting countering Pudge’s edge behind the plate, and Bench’s combined talents leaving him perhaps a smidge ahead of both.

Flashes in the clan… and the best ever.

Matthew evaluates Hall-eligible players who are unrecognized greats.

The Baseball Crank returns with his annual review of who’s Hall-worthy and not. This year: the men behind the plate.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Ostler has a rip-roarer of a column today about the imminent collision between the Hall of Fame and steroids: I heard a local radio talker say he’s sure Kent was never a juicer because Kent isn’t that kind of guy. This radio talker is being grossly underutilized. With such psychic […]

I don’t highlight a reader comment every day, but “Comment of the past 10-12 days or so” doesn’t fit in the title bar. Anyway, here’s The Common Man’s response to that knucklehead in the Daily News who wrote “But I say Kent cannot be looked at as a second baseman”: He also can’t be looked […]

I was never a big Jeff Kent fan, but even I can see that the man is clearly qualified for the Hall of Fame. That said, I suppose there are reasonable, if ultimately unpersuasive arguments against Kent’s candidacy. The New York Daily News’ Bill Price, however, doesn’t make one of those: But I say Kent […]

Jack Curry had a good article yesterday about Mark McGwire and integrity, which is the reason why most of the people keeping him out of the Hall of Fame won’t vote for him. Curry makes a good point, however, and that’s that the integrity issue is really two-fold: (1) should McGwire be kept out of […]

Here’s Jim Rice on why he never won a championship in Boston: “During that time, Steinbrenner spent more money than the Red Sox. He had more free agents. So when you get the best free agents, and you get the superstars from other ballclubs, that’s what made you have a better team. The more money […]

Chris takes a look at the BBWAA’s Cooperstown vote. Again.

2010: It’s not just the title of a Roy Scheider movie I like a lot more than I probably should, it’s also the next time we’ll have Hall of Fame results. Today, FanHouse’s Matt Snyder takes a look at the list of next year’s first-time eligibles. He has Roberto Alomar as “probable,” Barry Larkin, Fred […]

Henderson and Rice were on Letterman last night, but Dave’s Freddie Patek story (first video through the link) was absolutely hilarious.

Keith Law makes the Hall of Fame case for Tim Raines, and as is usually the case, he is as comprehensive as all get-out about it: So Raines was perhaps the best base stealer in the game’s history, the second-best leadoff hitter, one of the best hitters at reaching base (the most important thing a […]

Yet another Hall of Fame post mortem

The best line I’ve seen so far on the twenty-eight guys who didn’t vote for Rickey comes from Ray Ratto: We have no compelling defense for the 28, although Corky Simpson, who was pilloried on the Web for omitting Henderson, at least had the stones to say so. The other 27 remain silent, hidden and […]

Twenty-eight voters left Rickey off, so we have both his election percentage and a nice read on the insanity level of the BBWAA. I’ve said all I really care to say about it. Feel free to comment until your heart’s content in the comments.

They’re going to announce the inductees shortly. For what it’s worth, I will be happy to see Rickey make it, I’d be happy to see Blyleven make it — even if I can’t bring myself to characterize his exclusion thus far as a grave injustice like so many have — and I’m realistic enough to […]

Jack Curry notes that, before Manny was Manny, Rickey was Rickey: Before Manny was Manny, Rickey was Rickey. If ever there were two players who were kindred spirits, they are Manny Ramirez and Rickey Henderson. Henderson was talented and distinctive, a walking, talking baseball entertainer. Ramirez does not talk as much, but he entertains in […]