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A new book takes a closer look at a baseball hotbed in the Caribbean.

Laying out solutions for the short term and a plan for the long term success of the Baltimore Orioles…

The latest in the business of baseball.

A look at the apparently very common use of corporal punishment in both amateur and professional Korean baseball: Corporal punishment has long been part of the way sports teams operate here. The way it is dealt with by the teams and the media generally follows the same playbook. Whenever reports of a violent incident surface, […]

From a Can-Am League game, partially en francais

From a press release just issued by the International Baseball Federation following the sports’ failure to make the 2016 Olympic Games: The IBAF would like to congratulate golf and rugby on their selection today. Both will be welcome additions to the Olympic programme and should add great excitement to which ever city is selected to […]

I think this was already more or less a certainty, but now it’s more and more a certainty: Bobby Valentine says he won’t be back with the Chiba Lotte Marines next season even as the Japanese team’s fans lobby management to keep him . . . In a statement on his Web site, Valentine says […]

Trying to make sense out of the Dominican Summer League

I think I read about this a couple of weeks ago, but today’s the actual ceremony: Red Sox left fielder Jason Bay has long played America’s pastime and will now be able to call himself an American. The 30-year-old player from Canada becomes a U.S. citizen Thursday afternoon in a ceremony at Boston’s historic Faneuil […]

Or at least he was during the WBC: Cubs catcher Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana use while playing for Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic last March, the International Baseball Federation announced Thursday. Soto released a statement saying he was “embarrassed by my lapse in judgment.” “While I full acknowledge my inappropriate behavior, […]

Eric Gagne is making a comeback: The Quebec Capitales baseball club got a surprise from the major leagues Tuesday in the form of a contract with Eric Gagne, the former star relief pitcher of LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers fame. The Capitales, who play in the Can-Am League, announced they had signed […]

That’s what we’ll have if the International Baseball Federation gets its way: Baseball will be adding a women’s component to its bid to be reinstated for the 2016 Summer Games. Harvey Schiller, the president of the International Baseball Federation, tells The Associated Press the change will be made in the next few days. The move […]

Ron Rollins was reading ShysterBall — and yelling at me for saying statheady things — way back in early 2007. Back then the only other regular readers were my mom and the people Googling pictures of Alyssa Milano. The Googlers soon realized that there was nothin’ good here, and even my mom eventually gave up, […]

TUCK! toons goodness every week!

Ron Rollins — writer of the most excellent Baseball Over Here — has found a whale of a pitching line from the Italian leagues. Even better: a Melvin Mora sighting! UPDATE: OK, that may not be Melvin Mora. At least unless he has rented a decommissioned Concorde jet and is moonlighting. My guess: Marco Mora. […]

Remember the Japanese schoolgirl (hello search engine-driven hits!) who got drafted to pitch in that independent league? She has made her debut: Japan’s first female professional baseball player made her debut Friday, striking out one batter in the ninth inning. Eri Yoshida, a 17-year-old who throws a sidearm knuckleball, took the mound during Kobe 9 […]

The Voyageurs of the Can-Am league may be adding a veteran to their staff: Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd, who has been known to say a lot, once said that he wanted to be “playing baseball at age 50 — if not professionally, for a semi-pro or local team.” Boyd thinks he was 10 years old […]

Hey, it’s not just cynical jerks like me who don’t like the WBC. Even those who are said to embrace it the most have their qualms: But the off-the-field contest between the two most powerful ball-playing nations — Japan and the U.S. — is a subject that Japanese league administrators and team management, local liaisons, […]

Sometimes I worry that my professional writing aspirations are hampered by the fact that I am mostly just interested in writing about baseball. Yeah, it’s the world to us, but if you look at the numbers of it all, baseball writing constitutes darn little traffic on the old information superhighway, relatively speaking. Will someone pay […]

Not everyone appreciates my little geek-out in response to the Evan Longoria news. Well, actually, no one does, but this guy appreciates it less than others: section 34 said… I can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life here. What are you suggesting—that the US forfeit? In the semifinals? Because a couple players have […]