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AmLaw Daily is talking about that MLB-Topps baseball card deal from last week and raises the notion that Upper Deck could file an antitrust suit. Countering that is the assertion in the article that “In 1922, the U.S. Supreme Court established a common-law exemption for Major League Baseball in cases involving antitrust laws, a decision […]

Ahhhh, Wilker goodness. This is more like it. Feel free to take a couple of extra days now, Rob. BTW I, and I assume many other bloggers, got another baseball card in the mail recently. I don’t have it in front of me, but it’s a 1975 common whose name I’m forgetting. Lovely card though. […]

I got a letter in the mail on Saturday addressed to “Craig Calcaterra, Shysterball.” Inside was a mint condition 1978 Topps Bucky Dent card. No return address. No note, no nothing else accompanying it. New York City postmark. Typewritten address label. Hurm. I haven’t died in the last 48 hours, so I’m ruling out anthrax […]

Chris doesn’t care if you like his centennial column here at THT—he doesn’t even care if you read it. He just wants everyone to scroll down and view the photos halfway into it.

I don’t know that collecting weird, trivial things is any more defensible when the Hall of Fame does it than when my neighbor does, but they’re doing it all the same. Balls, shoes, dirt in coffee cups, the whole deal.

Lots of stuff goes on in the world about which most of us are unaware. Stuff like this: Nearly a decade ago, embarrassed about reports of widespread fraud in the $1-billion-per-year sports memorabilia industry — dominated by baseball and filled mostly with fakes and forgeries, according to an F.B.I. investigation — Major League Baseball did […]

It didn’t come here, but I’m off the clock at NBC and it’s the kind of thing that sparks good discussions on ShysterBall. In response to my post criticizing baseball for making all players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day, reader Web-Gem had this to say: This is not a “tribute”, this is MLB’s […]

In December 2007 I wrote a couple of posts about the 1973 Topps set my brother got me for Christmas. There was some talk in those posts about the look and feel of the set itself, but today Cardboard Gods’ Josh Wilker lays some serious analytical lumber on it: The action photos in these 1973 […]