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Our words have meaning, even if we’re not choosing them carefully.

Attending Nationals’ Night OUT 366 days after the Pulse nightclub shooting.

MLB’s latest report on diversity shows we have a long way to go. So does the Adam Jones incident.

On the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s big league debut, we look back at this pivotal moment in baseball history.

Willard Brown was the first African-American to homer in the American League. His teammates didn’t celebrate, though.

The Negro Leagues Grave Marker Project is helping remember those who should not be forgotten.

Often, it’s the littlest things that make a big statement.

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Donn Clendenon led a life shaped by strong beliefs and an active mind.

The experiences of the former A’s pitcher make us think about what has and hasn’t changed over four decades.

It would behoove Rob Manfred to treat diversity in MLB as a constant concern.

The director of No No: A Dockumentary discusses Dock Ellis’ famous no-hitter, and much, much more.

Several years after Jackie Robinson’s barrier-breaking, integration of baseball was far from complete.

Veeck—as in “wreck the historical timeline.”

Measured by production, not all major leaguers are paid the same. How much is race a factor — and why?

In the second part of this study on race in baseball, we look at the effect of kids being able to watch African-American baseball stars.

More data show that the decline in African-American major leaguers is a function of income and weather.

Can economic and weather data help us explain the drop in African-American players in Major League Baseball?