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A team’s stars lie within itself.

Wash your hands and put on gloves, time to examine another roster.

House call for Carlos Quentin

The doctor examines an interesting strategy.

The doctor diagnoses keepers.

Today we have a special “Celebrity Edition” of Roster Doctor.

Time for the second part of your bi-weekly checkup.

Diagnosing some trades.

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The latest visit to the Roster Doctor.

Another roster, just what The Doctor ordered.

Middle infielders—nay. Corner infielders—hurray!

A new version of the Roster Doctor.

Now Roster Doctor fun every Thursday.

A new Roster Doctor.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Roster Doctor.

The Roster Doctor is here to help.

Looking good in my brand spankin-new white lab coat for an all-new edition.

Another edition of the Roster Doctor.

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