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The prosecutors in the Roger Clemens perjury case have already called Kirk Radomski before the grand jury, so one presumes that they intend to use him as a witness at any criminal trial against Clemens. They need to rethink that now: One week before Brian McNamee and Roger Clemens testified before a House committee at […]

Several people notified me of the following development yesterday: President Obama moved swiftly to engage on the Middle East on Wednesday, calling Israeli and Arab leaders on his first morning in office and preparing to appoint a seasoned peace negotiator and former senator, George J. Mitchell, as his special emissary to the region . . […]

Thanks to Michael S. Schmidt, I continue to enjoy not having to read Kirk Radomski’s new book. The latest revelation: Officials for Major League Baseball said Wednesday that in the early stages of its steroids-testing program it did not summon players to its offices to tell them they had failed drug tests. The denial came […]

I find that there is nothing less nutritious in life than quickie autobiographies of Warholian figures. These are people who are fleetingly famous for a very specific purpose, with said purpose capable of thorough exploration in the space of a mid-sized magazine feature. We nevertheless get full-blown books out of these guys for some reason, […]

Jack Curry had a good article yesterday about Mark McGwire and integrity, which is the reason why most of the people keeping him out of the Hall of Fame won’t vote for him. Curry makes a good point, however, and that’s that the integrity issue is really two-fold: (1) should McGwire be kept out of […]

I’m not Rogers Clemens’ biggest fan — never have been, dating back to the mid 80s, really — but I agree with Fred Faour that the ostracization of the Rocket has gotten a bit silly: Ask yourself: Did you cheer Roger Clemens when he pitched? Barry Bonds when he homered? Did you celebrate Mark McGwire […]

If there was any more evidence that the federal government’s steroids crackdown is driven primarily by headlines, look no further than this: Barely more than a week after Major League Baseball suspended Phillies reliever J.C. Romero for 50 games for using a banned substance, the laboratory that produced the nutritional supplement that the left-hander claimed […]

Yahoo!’s Jonathan Littman has a major story today about the legal status of “The Clear” at the time Barry Bonds was asked about it in the course of his grand jury testimony, and suggests that this fact may prove problematic for prosecutors: It could explain why Barry Bonds’ attorneys believe the grand jury questions to […]

I won’t shed tears if and when Rogers Clemens gets indicted, but a reader over at Talking Points Memo has a pretty good point: Doesn’t it seem a little odd that when you have a ball player (Roger Clemens) who lies to Congress about steroid use in baseball, the U.S. Attorney for DC convenes a […]

Yet another Hall of Fame post mortem

While we’re of a mindset these days that all of the power hitting since 1993 or so is a function of PEDs, hitting for power can be, to some extent, a choice. Sure, PEDs happened (and are happening) and small ballparks and other things have contributed greatly to increased power numbers, but players making a […]

In my past life (read: the job I had until a little over a week ago) I occasionally represented clients who were subject to federal criminal investigations. All of these guys were under the microscope for a year or more, having their records subpoenaed, having their phones tapped, and having their friends and neighbors interviewed […]

There is a lot of he-said-she-said about the Romero and Mitre suspensions. To help clear up things — or muddy things, depending on your point of view — Jason at IIATMS spoke with agent Matt Sosnick about L’affaire (L’affaires?) Mite and Romero. Check it out.

Peter Gammons has a very detailed piece about J.C. Romero’s 50-game suspension for taking, well, something: Three months after Romero was tested before a Phillies-Mets game on Aug. 26, the players’ association sent a Nov. 21 letter to players that stated, “We have previously told you there is no reason to believe a supplement bought […]

You may still think that Selig and Fehr are liars, but Congress doesn’t: The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform said Tuesday that it was satisfied with the explanations provided by Commissioner Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, the executive director of the players union, about the accuracy of their testimony and that of other […]

Professional ethicist Jack Marshall brings some perspective to the Bonds issue.

I was just going to let this morning’s thing about the McNamee-Clemens suit pass without further comment, but I can’t not think about it, so let’s flesh it out a bit. I said this in the comments, but for those of you who don’t read those, this is my initial take on what’s happening here: […]

Nearly a year after Roger Clemens sued Brian McNamee in Texas, Brian McNamee has sued Roger Clemens in New York: Roger Clemens’ former personal trainer – the man who ratted out the Rocket to the feds over alleged steroid use – is suing his ex-client for $10 million, claiming the former Yankee hurler defamed him. […]

From page SR-7 of the Mitchell Report: I sent a memorandum to every active player in Major League Baseball encouraging each player to contact me or my staff if he had any relevant information. . . . Through their representative, the players Association, I asked each of them to meet with me so that I […]