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What will history say about the beginning of Ozzie Guillen’s managerial career? Studes examines the back-to-back AL Central second-place finishers, by way of their new manager.

Redbird Nation’s Brian Gunn takes a look at Albert Pujols and the Cardinals.

With new GM Paul DePodesta running the show, the future in LA looks bright. This year, though, the Dodgers are stuck with a horrible offense and a pitching staff that’s certain to decline from its fantastic 2003. Still, in the wild NL West, almost everyone’s a contender.

Back to the Grill Again (There it is: Black and White). Alex follows up with Howard Bryant, the author of “Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston.”

Matthew examines Mariano Rivera’s Hall of Fame case and finds some interesting results.

No one expected the Royals to make noise last year, but Kansas City continued to be a factor well into the second half. How can a revamped stadium, a former MVP, an improved bullpen and a top prospect help the team?

Aaron takes a look at Kansas City’s rotation full of lefties and whether or not that’s an advantage in the AL Central.

Robert takes a look at some of the issues facing the Cleveland Indians as they attempt to rebuild a championship-caliber team.

Alex Rodriguez left the Seattle Mariners only to see their win total jump significantly. Will the same happen in Texas, where the Rangers are looking for big improvements from Mark Teixeira, Colby Lewis and Chan Ho Park?

Ben and Larry take a look at what, if anything, could stop the Yankees and Red Sox from making the post-season, and wonder if the Wild Card is worth it.

Will Eric Chavez be worth his fat new contract? Matthew looks at similar players to find an answer.

Joe has some interesting advice for Dan O’Dowd and Clint Hurdle on how to solve the problems associated with managing a pitching staff at altitude.

Coming off a disappointing 95-loss season, the Mets brought in Kaz Matsui and Mike Cameron in an attempt to shift gears. Jose Reyes is a rising star, but Mike Piazza and Tom Glavine are coming toward the end of the line. Can the Other New York Team make a run at the pennant, or is the club too hamstrung by age and injuries to contend?

Bad management has led the Brewers down the NL Central tubes for years, but there should be help on the way. Interesting stories like Scott Podsednik could lift the Brewers out of the NL Central basement for the first time in three years.

Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the Reds last year. This time around, Cincy’s hoping luck (and health) are on their side. Matthew has a look at the current edition of the Big Red Machine.

With the league’s wildest pitcher, a pair of anti-sabermetric outfielders, and an aging, overrated first basemen, can the Devil Rays fulfill Lou Piniella’s guarantee of exiting the cellar? With B.J. Upton on the horizon winning will come soon, and the Devil Rays can escape the “worst expansion team ever” remarks.

Is it okay to like the Yankees? Will either the Yankees or Red Sox miss the playoffs? Ben and Larry face off on opposite ends of the most passionate rivalry in sports.

The Pirates may not be the worst team in baseball, but they’re surely the most boring. But even the lowly Bucs have some intriguing issues to deal with. Matthew takes a look.

Is it really as bad as it looks? Should they have signed Pudge? Joe takes a look at these questions and more.