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With the offseason contract binge behind us, a look back at the money that ran over.

Aaron takes a look at what to expect from the newest Japanese League imports.

On August 12, 1987, Doyle Alexander was traded for minor leaguer John Smoltz. Fans of both teams have said they’re pretty happy with this trade. Should they be?

Thanks to some observant readers, we found an error in our Win Shares Trading Balance Sheet, and we have re-calculated the results. Surprisingly, there are new teams at the top and bottom of the charts; can you guess who they are?

By using Win Shares to evaluate every trade in baseball history, we’ve determined which teams have the best and worst trading records of the expansion era. This is just the first in a series of articles covering MLB’s past trades.

What can we expect from Chicago’s new second baseman? Aaron takes a look.

Roger Clemens is getting $18 million? Win Shares, salaries and the big bucks thrown at the top players.

As of late Sunday night it still wasn’t official, but it was supposedly just about done. Dave is so excited, he can’t type straight.

Aaron weighs in on some of the most recent signings.

While the baseball world focused on Hudson, Mulder, and Johnson, the Brewers got busy.

Another look at the dollars and sense being thrown around this offseason.

In one weekend, Billy Beane brought the A’s back six years.

Brian checks in with his reaction to this weekend’s big trade.

Aaron looks at the big names that came off the market this week.

Analyzing the latest player deals.

Aaron breaks down the second wave of free agent signings, from Boomer Wells to Carl Pavano.

Aaron breaks down the first wave of free agent signings, from Troy Glaus to Elmer Dessens.

$7 million a year for Kris Benson? $4 million a year for Paul Wilson? $3 million plus for Lidle? $2 million for Rusch? Troy Percival? Eric Milton? What is going on?

Henry Blanco played hardball with the Twins, so Minnesota found themselves a new caddy for Joe Mauer.

Brian Sabean just signed a 37-year-old shortstop to a three-year contract. What was he thinking? A look at age, salaries and a couple of Francos.