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Don McLean drove his Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry. What will our franchises discover this year?

The Yankees’ injury issues put them in a free agency, luxury tax bind.

Let’s swing into the ’70s with our latest fictional fun.

There are plenty of rumors surrounding the Royals and top prospect Wil Myers, making it easy to wonder what the Royals long-term plan is.

Join Steve as he launches another virtual scenario, triple-franchise style.

Does the Marlins’ fire sale make sense on its own merits?

Should the Rays consider moving their successful young right-hander?

The A’s and Marlins come out on top of their recent three-team deal, but the Diamondbacks decision to take on Heath Bell is questionable.

Where else can you find Animal House and Charlie Finley in the same place?

And then there were three…

Some trades stay with us longer than others.

It’s the nation’s one and only Bicentennial. Will any of our many prove beneficiarial?

Jaws is showing at the drive-in. On the radio, Billy Swan is singing, “I Can Help.” Get your leisure suit on and check out the scene in the American League East.

The Watergate scandal is swirling into such a force that it drives the President to resign from office. Will any of our American League East franchises be flashing the “V” sign?

For our franchises three, what will it be in ’73?

The Winter Games are in Sapporo, and the Summer Games are in Munich. Will any of our three ball clubs perform Olympian feats?

Not quite one-third of the way into the season, so far it’s been a runaway.

The Beatles are going their separate ways. All in the Family and Soul Train are debuting on the tube. Will our ball clubs be having fun in ’71?

In season one, our Yankees got Tommy D., our Red Sox kept The Hawk, and our Indians got The Boomer. What might be in store this time around?

It’s time for another virtual-franchise triple-header. This time it’s the Yankees in the Roy White era, the Red Sox in the Rico Petrocelli era, and the Indians in the, um, Eddie Leon era.