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Suddenly the Twins have some serious competition at the top of the American League Central, but it’s not from who you might think.

Aaron talks his favorite subject, that little lefty with the unique name and nasty changeup, who happens to be blowing people away.

After a rough May and June, the Minnesota Twins have reclaimed the top spot in the AL Central and are starting to pull away from the pack on the way to what could be a third straight division title. Aaron takes a month-by-month look at how they’ve done it.

This weekend was a busy one, as teams all around baseball were wheeling and dealing. Aaron gets you up to speed on the biggest deadline deals.

The second installment checking up on how the best prospects in baseball are doing this season.

With the second-half underway, Aaron checks up on his top prospects to see how they’re faring this year.

Aaron talks historically bad seasons by pitchers, why people like the players they like, and how Ichiro!’s numbers seem weird.

Which players are having the best rookie seasons so far in 2004 and how does this year’s class compare to Dontrelle Willis, Angel Berroa and the 2003 rookies? Aaron takes a look.

Their boy-wonder catcher is hurt again, their power-hitting first-base prospect is finally playing, their second baseman still stinks, and they just scored 12 runs against the Devil Rays. Aaron checks in with what’s going on in Minnesota.

Who was the last .400 hitter? Why do all these “scrappy” players look the same? And who’s the next … Brad Radke?

Join Aaron, Larry, Studes, Craig, Vinay, Lee and Bryan as they watch the All-Star game.

Aaron looks back at what happened in the first-half, with an eye towards what might happen in the second.

Aaron talks potty-mouthed relievers, ridiculous complaints, his favorite pitcher, and why is still worth checking out sometimes.

First they hit and can’t pitch, then they pitch and can’t hit. First the starters are bad and the bullpen is good, then the relievers go in the tank and the rotation picks it up. Their most productive hitter started the season in the minors and their best hitter might still be there. It’s been a confusing season in Minnesota, and Aaron takes a look at exactly what is going on.

The second installment of Matthew’s look at what things would look like if everyone had just stayed put.

What exactly is an All-Star, anyway? Aaron tackles the yearly question, and then gives his picks for the AL and NL teams.

Aaron has come to the end of his rope. He’s mad as hell and, well, he has no choice but to keep taking it. But he doesn’t have to like it!

Aaron talks imaginary bullpens, big OBPs, good announcers, the NCAA tournament, and the fact that sometimes seven wins are better than eight.

Aaron crunches the numbers from this week’s draft and finds some things that might surprise you.

The Minnesota Twins were like Jekyll and Hyde in April and May. Aaron takes a look at exactly what happened.