Cheap Seats

Evidence that the Yankees have not turned a deaf ear (blind eye?) to the complaints over the cost of their stadium, the way in which it is being paid for, and what it has done to the price of tickets in New York:

The price of a bleacher seat for the exhibition openers at the new Yankee Stadium will cost far less than a soda.

The Yankees said Tuesday that bleacher seats for the games against the Chicago Cubs on April 3 and 4 will sell for 25 cents and grandstand tickets will be $1.10. That matches the prices for the opener of the original Yankee Stadium against Boston on April 18, 1923.

Yes, it’s a gimmick, yes it’s only an exhibition game, and no it doesn’t forgive any let alone all of the excesses which have led to the opening of their new place, but it’s still a nice gesture.

(Thanks to Pete Toms, who seems to have devoted his entire week to sending me interesting links, for sending me this interesting link)

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