Curtis Granderson to Yahoo!

If he’s going to keep up with the blogging, I’m going to have to start considering him competition and have him kicked off my fantasy team (from a press release):

All-Star Detroit Tigers centerfielder Curtis Granderson has signed with Yahoo! Sports MLB blog “Big League Stew” to be a featured blogger for the 2009 baseball season. The blog will feature Grandson’s insightful look at the life of a professional baseball player, the Detroit Tigers and MLB.

Granderson’s first post is available just in time for Opening Day.

Prior to joining Yahoo! Sports, Granderson grew a large following of sports fans for his blogging on and ESPN and as studio analyst for during playoffs on TBS. But he’s best known for his all-around play in Motown, where both his skills and outgoing personality have made him a fan favorite across the league.

His first post is here.

One wonders why he left ESPN, where he had blogged for the past few years. I can only assume that he got tired of Rob King reminding him to put the cover on his TPS reports and Buster Olney bugging him to contribute to the coffee club.

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Ok, an Office Space reference first thing as I settle into my West Coast cubicle: pure joy.

Watching the Angels # 4 starter throw a 3 hit shutout at the “new look” A’s: pure agony.

Still, it’s baseball again. The flowers are in bloom, the air is warm, and the beer is cold.