Drive In Saturday Night

Via BTF, a story about the Brewers expanding their fans’ entertainment options:

The Milwaukee Brewers baseball club held a brainstorming session a while back to see what would happen if movies were linked with a baseball venue. They came up with Miller Park Movies. In early June, the Brewers unveiled drive-in movies in the parking lots of Miller Park. With any luck, this might start a trend for the club, and develop a following for movie nights in the future, with two nights tentatively set for August.

“Teams around the League have been attempting to do something like this over the years,” notes Jason Hartlund, VP of Brewers Enterprises, who oversees all non-baseball-related revenue for the team. He says he’s surprised drive-in movies haven’t been shown previously at another Major League park. “Some franchises don’t have the physical ability to do this kind of thing because of small parking lots,” he reflects. “It’s predicated on the real estate around the park, and the climate.”

Neat enough idea, I suppose. Though I’ll admit, I haven’t been to one since the U.S. 23 Drive-In showed a “Grease”-“Saturday Night Fever” double feature in 1978. I can’t say I remember it fondly. I fell asleep during “Beauty School Dropout” and didn’t wake up until my dad was carrying me from the car to my room.

How hard would it have been for my parents to get a babysitter? I mean really.

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mike in brooklyn
mike in brooklyn

I think this is a GREAT idea.  We used to go to drive-ins out on Long Island all the time when I was a kid .  (Remember crying when Pinocchio kept turning into a donkey or something like that).  Hadn’t been to one for years until I was visiting friends upstate a few years ago, and we went to one:  the HORRENDOUS War of the Worlds, and the HILARIOUS Wedding Crashers.

(But if they only do baseball movies, won’t they run out pretty quickly?)