Faint praise

A New Jersey sports consulting firm conducted a sports “brand loyalty” survey, in which they asked fans to offer some phrases which describe their favorite professional sports teams, among other things. The Cincinnati Business Courier is interested in the results regarding the Reds and Bengals:

Cincinnati sports fans think of the Reds as “professional” and “family-oriented.” They consider the Bengals to be “fun” and “profit-maximizing . . . ”[Reds’] management drew higher marks than the Bengals on an overall grade of ownership and on questions related to each team’s commitment to winning.

Beating out the Cincinnati Bengals in the categories of family-friendliness and commitment to winning is probably not worth a mention in the Christmas letter, but hey, congratulations Reds.

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Ted Spradlin
Ted Spradlin
Like Pete Toms mentioned to me a few months ago when you blogged about the discounted interest rates the Bombers are getting, “79,999,000 fans will go to the games and be happy to have a beer and hot dog while 1,000 of us will be sitting in the stands wondering about the other stuff outside the game.”  (Paraphrased).  To me and the other 999, it just makes me wonder how far does it have to stretch?  At what point does a box for billboard program have to go?  Good for the team and good for the wide-eyed pointy-headed bureaucrats in… Read more »