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I’m no fan of the WBC, but I could become one if this sort of thing happens more often:

Kim Byung-hyun’s nine-year career in Major League Baseball (MLB) is full of dumbfounding affairs ― allowing a game-tying homer in the ninth inning for the second-straight game of the World Series, a middle-finger gesture to home fans of the Boston Red Sox and several refusals to pitch.

Now, the dormant Kim has finally found another to stash away amid the recesses of his storied career as the 30-year-old sidearmer failed to join the South Korean national team practice in Hawaii due to the loss of his passport.

“I was informed that Kim had lost his passport,” Korean team manager Kim In-sik told the reporters, Sunday.

“As we have to submit the final roster for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) by Feb. 22, we have agreed to take him off the list.”

Maybe he lost it somewhere in 2003. You know, back when he lost all of his control, velocity, and effectiveness.

(Thanks to Neate Sager for the heads up)

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Byung-hyun Kim is only 30? It seems like he’s been around forever.