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I’m happy to announce that we’ve expanded our baseball offerings at The Hardball Times. We’ve asked Derek Carty, who runs the Saberoticians blog, to write for THT. In fact, we like Derek’s blog so much that we asked him to create a blog for The Hardball Times, focused exclusively on baseball fantasy issues and projections. It’s called THT Fantasy Focus, and it officially starts today.

The Hardball Times isn’t really a baseball fantasy website; we like to write about baseball in general. If a subject involves a bat and a ball, we’re all over it. But many of our writers and readers participate in fantasy or baseball simulation leagues, so we’ve got a soft spot for the concept. We even published the THT 2007 Season Preview this year, with a lot of fantasy content, and we’ve formed our own THT Fantasy League.

So starting a fantasy blog seems like a natural step, doesn’t it? Derek will be the mainstay of the blog, but other writers, such as David Gassko and Bryan Tsao, will contribute regularly. You can expect to see player opinions, position rankings, waiver wire recommendations and drafting strategies. And if there’s a subject you’d like to see us tackle, drop us a line.

For RSS readers, Fantasy Focus won’t be included in our regular RSS feed, but you can subscribe to a separate RSS feed just for fantasy content. Since our goal is to have fantasy content every day, you may find that useful.

Don’t worry. The Hardball Times isn’t going to change its core: two or three great baseball articles every day, as well as THT Daily, statistics and graphics. Speaking of statistics, we now have 2007 Win Shares posted on the site. They’ll be updated every week or so. Plus, we will soon have BIS’s 2007 Zone Ratings available for all major league players.

I’d like to say that we have lots more plans for you but, the truth is, we’re just making this up as we go. The Hardball Times is basically an extension of our writers’ interests, so who knows? I’ve always had a thing for Broadway musicals.

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Clarification: due to technical issues, the fantasy blog can’t be integrated into our RSS feed. If you’d like to keep track of our Fantasy blog in your RSS reader, you’ll have to subscribe through this RSS feed, built specifically for the blog.

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