Last Week in Bizball

Our friend Pete Toms has a new regular feature over at Maury’s place:

The Business of Sports Network is pleased to announce the first instalment of “Last Week in Bizball”, a weekly notebook column from staff reporter Pete Toms. Each week LWIB will compile opinion and reporting on topical baseball biz subjects from the preceding week. This edition of LWIB provides updates on the international signing period, secondary ticketing and the “Andy Oliver” case.

His lead story on the upcoming international signing period points to some good minority opinion about expanding the amateur draft to cover international talent. Pete has been on this one for a long time, but he links to another voice noting that, whatever the perils facing young players from the D.R., bringing the draft to Puerto Rico was bad news on a macro level, so caution should be the order of the day.

Pete has long been contributing to Biz of Baseball and wrote a week-in-review column like this for Baseball Daily Digest last year. It’s good to see him back at it.

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